Why You Should Join Club Pilates
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Why You Should Join Club Pilates

I've been working at and working out at Club Pilates since September. Here's the scoop!

Why You Should Join Club Pilates

Spoiler: I am LOVING it!!!!

There are classes for everyone!

2. Leave other patrons alone. Reformer Pilates Photography Couples Arm Exercise by Runway Pilates

Between the different variations and levels of classes, wide schedule, and amazing instructors, there is something for everyone at Club Pilates! I have been taking level 1 reformer flow classes since the end of September and I definitely feel and see a difference in my body! I am more flexible all around and starting to see toning and definition. I look and feel stronger and I am loving it!

What's great about Pilates is that it is low impact. For me, having just recovered from a knee injury, I was nervous about starting to work out again. I started with just one or two classes a week and I was overjoyed that I was able to work out again without hurting myself. Once I got comfortable, I started taking classes an average of 5 times a week! While I might not always sweat from taking a class, I know I'll be sore the next morning.

If you too are worried about re-injury or starting up working out again, Pilates is definitely the right move. If you are uncomfortable being around a lot of people because of COVID, there are limited capacity classes as well as the option of private lessons. Privates are also good for someone with a more serious injury or if you just want to have that one on one instruction.

There are various membership options!


Club Pilates recommends pairing pilates and some form of cardio for the best overall physical results. If that is your plan, we have membership options for if you want to come once or twice a week.

However, if Pilates is your jam and you only really want to focus on toning rather than weight loss, the unlimited membership is definitely the right move for you. I personally pair pilates with cardio because I am currently trying to lose weight. Once I'm at my goal weight I will transition to just Pilates to get that toning and definition!

You can take a free intro class first! 

If you have never taken a pilates class before, or if you've only ever taken a mat class, or if it's just been a while, we offer a 30 minute free intro class to help give you an idea of what we're all about!

I loved the intro class because it was very small and intimate. I was able to really learn how to use the reformer machine and it made my first actual class a lot easier!

The community is amazing!


My absolute favorite thing about Club Pilates is the people! Between my co-workers and the clients, everyone is so nice and it is an amazing little family. I am excited to go to work and take classes every day because I know that I am surrounded by amazing people who will make me smile and keep me motivated to work out. It truly is a wonderful group of people and we'd love to have you join us too!

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