Why You Should Bring Home Your Friends From Your College

Why You Should Bring Home Your Friends From Your College

Bring home some of your friends from college and give them a taste of your world outside of your school.


Last weekend, one of my close friends who I met at my college came home with me for the weekend. She was the first friend from college who came home with me, but she will definitely not be the last. Bringing home friends you meet at college is an incredible and slightly surreal experience, and I definitely recommend it if you can.

My friend and I actually first met in person over the summer when we were in the same small group at our orientation for college. We spent a lot of time together bonding over the course of those few days, and then even more time bonding ever since school started in September. We have made so many fun memories during our freshman year of college and will probably continue to make many more. We had talked about visiting each other's homes before, and this past weekend seemed like the perfect time for her to come home with me since I was going home that weekend anyway, and we had the following Monday and Tuesday off from school. This gave us quite a few days for me to take her around my area and show her some of my favorite places and things to do.

I only live about an hour from our college (even though with traffic it can actually take much longer) so it was a pretty quick drive to my house. Over the course of her visit, we went to so many of my favorite places. We went to my favorite mall, a few of my favorite places to eat, and even to some of my favorite towns to explore and show her part of my world.

If you ever bring home friends from your college, you could probably relate to me when I say that it's a pretty surreal but also incredible experience. It's surreal because it feels so strange but amazing to be able to show your college friends where you grew up and your life and your reality that existed before you guys met at college and continues to exist when you go home from school. Once you take your friends home, it's so strange to hang out with them outside of your college setting and into the familiar setting that you know so well that they are experiencing for the first time. It's really cool to show them local places that you love and frequent often, your neighborhood, your house, your room back at home, your pets, and some of your family. You might even choose to introduce them to some of your friends from back home, which would feel surreal because having friends from different aspects of your life meet each other can be a lot of fun. Whatever it is that you choose to do and to show your friends when you take them home with you, it should be a really cool experience because you are opening up some of your world to them.

I highly recommend that you bring home some of your friends from your college some day if you haven't already. My friend and I had a great time together during those days that we spent at my house, and I would like to visit her area and where she lives one day. I would also like to bring some of my other college friends home with me at some point so that they can see where I live and experience a taste of my life.

So go ahead, bring some of your college friends home with you, take them to some of your favorite places, and show them the life that you live outside of the school that led you to meet them and become friends in the first place.

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