I absolutely love golf. Love it.

I didn't start playing till my senior year of high school, and I was awful.

Like, a disgrace to the game awful. Shooting upwards of 140s, which if you don't know golf, is like as bad as you can get without purposely being that bad.

Now, over the years I think it's safe to say that I have improved somewhat. I have a way better feel for the game and I understand it more so. My shot has definitely improved, as well as my attire (because it does matter how you look while you play golf).

Golf is one of my passions, much like writing is. Others would include Hunting (I'm a fanatic) and all types of sports (watching and playing), as well as smaller ones like Fishing and Naps. And I literally have to schedule times to have fun. Why you ask?

Because I'm extremely busy, like most of you are. As a husband, father, and someone who works multiple jobs and a full-time student, I am so limited on the time that I have. Make no mistake, I have my priorities in line and what is the most important gets the most time and attention that I can offer (like my family, etc.).

But in the hustle and bustle of this crazy life, it's very easy to take the weight of the world on your shoulders like Superman and scoff at the thought of just taking a day or half a day every now and then to yourself and your friends.

The things is, though, as humans we need that day off because we are social creatures. And having fun, however that may be, is a part of life. Don't misunderstand me: Work hard and provide for the ones you love and yourself. Fight as hard as you can to be as successful as you can be. But don't be sitting in some Nursing Home someday, or in a hospital realizing that you never had enough fun. That you never enjoyed this life to its fullest.

So go skydiving. Go explore a cave. Go try that new restaraunt and pig out man!

And go play some golf, and be sure to do better than I used to.