New Year's Eve Midnight Kiss: The Reason Behind The Tradition

New Year's Eve Midnight Kiss: The Reason Behind The Tradition

And Why You Don't Need To Kiss Someone At Midnight.

It is December 31st, the last day of the year. You're at a party, laughing it up and having fun with friends and new acquaintances. Suddenly, as the countdown to midnight begins, you scramble to find someone with whom to share the traditional New Year's Eve midnight kiss. If you’re lucky enough, you are able to lock lips with someone special as the clock strikes twelve and the fireworks go off. I use the term “lucky” simply because that is the main objective of the kiss. This tradition dates back to the Ancient Romans – 8th century BC. “Historians date the practice back to the Ancient Romans who would throw a big party every New Year’s Eve called the Festival of Saturnalia where they would kiss and generally debauch one another as much as possible.” KissingMatters. The English and Germans took it a step down, but not by much.

The meaning of this kiss has varied from superstition to just plain old fun. During their New Year’s celebrations, Europeans usually threw masked balls. At midnight the masks were removed, and people would grab and kiss the first person they saw to signify purification. There was also a meaning behind kissing the first person you saw. According to the folklore behind the tradition, the first person you met – and how you met – set the tone for the rest of your year. The superstition behind the kiss said that kissing those closest to you would strengthen your relationship.

Now you know why some people are so big on the midnight kiss.

Here are some reasons you don’t need to participate in this rather frightening, stressful tradition.

There Are Many Other (More Fun) Ways To Celebrate The Clock Striking 12

You’re already at a party. What could be more fun? I don’t think anyone would be willing to stop having fun to stress out about having someone to kiss. There are many other alternatives as well. You can pop fireworks, because that’s always fun, or play with sparklers. Even if you don’t have either, you can pop balloons. It probably sounds ridiculous, but imagine having a ton of balloons all blown up and just waiting for midnight. Unless you’re afraid of the sound of balloons popping, you’re in for a real treat.

What If You Kiss The Wrong Person?

Considering you don’t already have a significant other or someone you already planned on smooching, there’s always a chance that you just might grab the wrong person to kiss, a choice that might probably haunt you for the rest of the New Year. There are many reasons you could regret the person you chose. It could be an ex that you don’t exactly get along with; it could be a cute guy you later find out is a relative you never knew about; it could be the guy your crazy possessive cousin Chelsea has her sights set on.

You’ve Never Had To Do It Before. Don’t Start Stressing About It Now.

That on its own is reason enough. You don’t need to start the New Year pulling your hair out and running around.

Because You’re A Strong, Independent Woman Who Don’t Need No Man. Or Vice Versa.

Now this one I’ve heard a lot. You don’t need to kiss someone in order to have a good year. Many things could go wrong with that mindset. What if the person is a terrible kisser, or worse, has a horrid personality? For the rest of the year, that terrible kiss will linger in your mind, always causing you to be skeptical about kissing another person. Or even meeting new people.

Don’t let this article stop you though. If you want a new year's kiss, go for it. Or don't. You don't have to listen to me. I'm just one person.

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An Open Letter To Every Athlete On Their Senior Night

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"

Dear Seniors,

For many of you, today was a day that you had always wished would come sooner, only to find that when the day arrived wishing for it to come was the last thing you truly ever wanted.

When stepping out onto the court or field or rink for the very last time today, take a moment to stand quietly and look out into the crowd, look to your teammates, to your coaches, and to your fellow seniors, and remember the way this made you feel, as this is a feeling you will remember for the rest of your life.

Today and every day moving forward will be filled with memories that will last you a lifetime.

Today is a day bound to be filled with endless amounts of tears, both happy and sad, so let it be. Let these feelings consume you, and serve as a reminder that no matter where you may go in life from this very moment, that you have made a family of your own. That you have changed the lives of others by just simply being in theirs.

That all the little things were really the big things, like the nicknames you had for your teammates, or your favorite song to sing in the locker room before a game. These things that never seemed to mean anything at the time are all the things that you will carry with you when you leave this place you call your home away from home.

On this day, years from now you will not remember the wins and losses of each season, but the people that took this journey with you and never let you look back.

The teammates that picked you up and carried you through the good and the bad of each day. The ones that taught you to see the good in all things. The ones who never let you live down the stupid things you did, mainly because they did them with you. And even the ones that you couldn't stand 99.9% percent of the time.

You will remember the coaches that pushed you and never let you give up.

You will remember all the times they yelled and made you run until you couldn't walk. The times that they depended on you to be the leaders we all knew you could be. But more than any of that, you will remember the opportunity they gave you to play the game you learned to love, the game that changed your life, the game that taught you more lessons about life, love and dedication than anything ever could.

On this day I ask you to remember a few things. I ask that you remember that the impact you have had on your teammates' lives is unmeasurable, never doubt that. The time you have spent dedicated to this sport that you love was never, EVER a waste of your time, because you are a better person because of it.

I ask you to remember that although the sadness you may hold in your heart overwhelms you, that you have found a part of you along this journey that will help you follow your dreams, whatever they may be.

Play your heart out today, and leave knowing you've given it all you've got just one last time. Leave knowing that you are one of the lucky ones. Remember the love, remember the defeat, remember the laughs and the tears, remember the battle wounds. Remember this feeling, always and forever.

Best of Luck,

Your Biggest Fan

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The Best Fall Activity To Participate In, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Check out what festive fall activity you should do as a Stony Brook student!


Personally, fall is my favorite season. Leaves start to change, sweater weather arrives, and Scorpio season begins. People think that since summer ended, there's nothing to look forward to. Luckily for you, I'm providing you a list of 12 activities you can do during the autumn season — which happens to be categorized by each zodiac sign.

Aries: Travel through a haunted house

You're known for being fearless and bold, so walking through a haunted house is right up your alley. Long Island has a couple of haunted houses, like the Chamber of Horror, filled with blood, monsters, gore, and more. Make sure to stop by during October to get spooked!

Taurus: Bake an apple pie and other fall treats

Of course, food is on your mind. Tauruses are famous for their love of treats and cuisine. You'll definitely enjoy a baking day in your building's kitchen with some close buds, or by yourself, and eat some homemade sweets.

Gemini: Attend a college football game with friends

Fall season means football games, and you Geminis are not going to want to skip out. You social butterflies enjoy meeting others, having fun during tailgates, and taking Insta-worthy pictures with your friend group. Make sure to check out Stony Brook's football calendar so you don't miss the next big game. Can I get a "GO SEAWOLVES!"

Cancer: Host a fall potluck with your friends

You homebody crabs love to stay in your dorm. So why not gather up some friends and host a dinner gathering? You all can bring a tasty dish (cooked or bought) and chow down together as a big happy family in your suite. Fall potlucks make for great indoor activities.

Leo: Go on a fall shopping spree

Lions love adding fashionable pieces to their closet. Going on a shopping spree for thick sweaters, boots, and scarves is definitely up your ally, Leos. Make sure to head over to the Smithhaven mall so you can start hunting for the best deals.

Virgo: Wrap yourself in a cozy blanket and binge-read

You usually work all day, but when you have downtime, reading a book is your go-to. Grab a fuzzy blanket and catch up on a good book, Virgos! Stephen King novels are great to set the mood for this spooky season.

Libra: Take your bestie on an apple picking date

For Libras, apple picking is a must! You'll love the beautiful fall scenery and enjoy the presence of a close companion. A great place to go on Long Island is Harbes Orchard, where they have apple picking, pumpkin patches, and other fall booths and activities that definitely pleases the autumn aesthetic.

Scorpio: Horror movie marathon in your dorm

Scorpios, are you surprised by this? Halloween season defines exactly what you are: dark, mysterious, and fun. Binge-watching horror movies like "Scream," "The Omen," "Insidious," and "The Conjuring" will definitely put you in the Halloween spirit! So make sure to grab your popcorn.

Sagittarius: Take a trip to Six Flags' Fright Night

You adventurous archers live for road trips and new places. One way you can fill your wanderlust desire during this spooky season is by taking a day trip to Six Flags. During October, Six Flags hosts "Fright Fest" where scary monsters and figures roam around the park terrorizing guest (oh how fun)! Sometimes, if you're lucky, you'll snag a seat right next to one of their very own zombies.

Capricorn: Carve spooky pumpkins with your bestie

Capricorns need to show off their craftsmanship. You love putting effort into projects and like to keep traditions going. Pumpkin carving is a great activity to celebrate the fall season every year while putting your masterpiece on display!

Aquarius: Design a fashionable Halloween costume

Aquarius never fail to be original. Ditch the costume stores and make your very own original costume. Your creative mind thinks outside the box and can pull off crazy ideas. You'll be the center of attention when you pull up in your unique costume at a Halloween Party.

Pisces: Attend a fall festival

You appreciate the arts and surrounding yourself with different people. Attending a fall festival would be the highlight of your month. Seeing artwork, shopping in little tents, eating festive food, and entering a whimsical setting will definitely put a smile on your face.

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