There seems to be this huge debate – above everything else in the world there is to concern ourselves with – about if women should or should not wear makeup. This conversation usually arises when a young woman posts a makeup tutorial on YouTube or someone starts a fight on Tumblr, and more often than not, those opposed to it really have no insight or basis to judge at all. Call it unnatural, call it false advertising, say whatever you will. But ask yourself this question: Is it really any of my business?

The answer, my friend, is no. Like so many social issues we face, what an adult or young adult woman does with her body really only affects her. If a woman wants to wear makeup she is allowed to do so. But to say that someone isn’t being true to who they really are or ‘false advertising’ because of it, is completely off-base.

By wearing makeup, women are not disgracing what they were given nor are they not being who they really are. What makes up a person is their soul, their heart, and their mind - not what is on the outside. Using makeup does not take away from one’s personality, what they feel in their heart, or who they truly are on the inside.

Women should never be compared to material products victim of false advertising. Regardless of the products they put on their face, women are not products. Unless you are visually impaired, you can tell when someone is wearing makeup and when they remove it, they will usually look different.

PSA to all the guys out there: We don’t do this for you.

I may not speak for every woman and person who wears makeup, but I know I can speak for myself and many other young ladies I’ve met over the years. I have never once met someone who says, “Oh, I’m just wearing this inch of foundation so that a boy will find me attractive,” or, “I’m wearing makeup so that my boyfriend won’t lose interest in me.”

Now gentlemen, I do not say this to hurt your ego or to call you out, because it isn’t just you. And some of you are accepting of us ladies regardless if we wear makeup or not. I applaud those of you who understand and support those women. In past debacles, I’ve seen some other women turn on their own gender and berate makeup-wearing ladies for their decisions. And again I say: We are not seeking approval.

Everyone has their own reasons for using makeup in any degree, whether it’s concealing a pimple or getting that perfect winged eyeliner – which is a true talent, by the way. I can all but guarantee that 99% of the time, the reason is because it makes us feel good.

Our self-esteem is not so fragile that we have to cover ourselves with makeup to feel confident. The whole reason makeup was invented was to enhance a woman’s natural beauty. We know that we are pretty without makeup, but wearing it only accentuates our best features. We wear it simply because we enjoy it, and yet, for some reason lately, that’s become a crime.

But not wearing makeup is not a crime either. It is a personal choice that does not define who someone is at their core. You have to be comfortable with whatever skin you’re in. Those who wear makeup are not superior to those who do not, or vice versa. With or without makeup, there should be no stigma; no judgments on either end. With or without makeup, we are beautiful and should be treated with all due respect for ourselves and our choices.