Why Women Wearing Makeup Isn't Any of Your Business

Why Women Wearing Makeup Isn't Any of Your Business

A woman is not lesser nor superior based on the products she uses to feel good.

There seems to be this huge debate – above everything else in the world there is to concern ourselves with – about if women should or should not wear makeup. This conversation usually arises when a young woman posts a makeup tutorial on YouTube or someone starts a fight on Tumblr, and more often than not, those opposed to it really have no insight or basis to judge at all. Call it unnatural, call it false advertising, say whatever you will. But ask yourself this question: Is it really any of my business?

The answer, my friend, is no. Like so many social issues we face, what an adult or young adult woman does with her body really only affects her. If a woman wants to wear makeup she is allowed to do so. But to say that someone isn’t being true to who they really are or ‘false advertising’ because of it, is completely off-base.

By wearing makeup, women are not disgracing what they were given nor are they not being who they really are. What makes up a person is their soul, their heart, and their mind - not what is on the outside. Using makeup does not take away from one’s personality, what they feel in their heart, or who they truly are on the inside.

Women should never be compared to material products victim of false advertising. Regardless of the products they put on their face, women are not products. Unless you are visually impaired, you can tell when someone is wearing makeup and when they remove it, they will usually look different.

PSA to all the guys out there: We don’t do this for you.

I may not speak for every woman and person who wears makeup, but I know I can speak for myself and many other young ladies I’ve met over the years. I have never once met someone who says, “Oh, I’m just wearing this inch of foundation so that a boy will find me attractive,” or, “I’m wearing makeup so that my boyfriend won’t lose interest in me.”

Now gentlemen, I do not say this to hurt your ego or to call you out, because it isn’t just you. And some of you are accepting of us ladies regardless if we wear makeup or not. I applaud those of you who understand and support those women. In past debacles, I’ve seen some other women turn on their own gender and berate makeup-wearing ladies for their decisions. And again I say: We are not seeking approval.

Everyone has their own reasons for using makeup in any degree, whether it’s concealing a pimple or getting that perfect winged eyeliner – which is a true talent, by the way. I can all but guarantee that 99% of the time, the reason is because it makes us feel good.

Our self-esteem is not so fragile that we have to cover ourselves with makeup to feel confident. The whole reason makeup was invented was to enhance a woman’s natural beauty. We know that we are pretty without makeup, but wearing it only accentuates our best features. We wear it simply because we enjoy it, and yet, for some reason lately, that’s become a crime.

But not wearing makeup is not a crime either. It is a personal choice that does not define who someone is at their core. You have to be comfortable with whatever skin you’re in. Those who wear makeup are not superior to those who do not, or vice versa. With or without makeup, there should be no stigma; no judgments on either end. With or without makeup, we are beautiful and should be treated with all due respect for ourselves and our choices.

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A Florida Assistant Principal Told Students Their "Fun Is Over" During Their Protest For Gun Control

Fighting for our lives is not our definition of "fun."

On February 14, 2018, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, experienced one of the world's deadliest mass shootings. Seventeen people were killed and 18 others were hospitalized. Innocent students and faculty members lost their lives because of one monster with a rifle, Nicolas Cruz (19).

Besides the fact that this is the eighth school shooting in the United States since the start of the year, mind you, it's barely been two months... the rifle used by Cruz was the exact same rifle used in the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting.

Oh wait, and the Las Vegas shooting and the Orlando shooting.

Now, I have a question and whoever thinks they have a logical explanation, please make your voice heard. Why is it, that an individual of 18 years can legally purchase a military-style assault rifle, but has to be 21 years old to legally purchase a handgun in the state of Florida? How does this make any type of sense?

Why is it that an individual has to be 21 years of age to legally buy and drink alcohol in the United States, but 18 to buy a gun? Why is it that our government has stricter laws banning Kinder Chocolate Eggs in the United States than tighter gun control policies?

Why is it that former Marjory Stoneman Douglas student, Nicolas Cruz, WAS STILL ABLE to buy an AR-15 rifle as easily as he did, after being tipped off to the FBI TWICE? Cruz was expelled from school, posted pictures on social media holding guns and even commented on a youtube video saying that one day he "is going to be a professional school shooter?"

The government has had far too many chances to set gun control regulations on their own and we as students are done waiting around.

Our politicians have failed us.

They keep failing time after time, and we are nothing short of angry that it has happened again.

On February 21, 2018, survivors from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School made their way to our state capitol in Tallahassee, Florida to protest for gun control. Students all around the United States showed their support by conducting walkouts during the day to not only fight for their rights but their safety and their lives. Students do not feel safe. Our parents do not feel safe. Action must be taken, and that action is being taken by the future leaders of the United States, us students.

Today, a friend of mine participated in a walkout at her South Florida Highschool. She and the rest of the students had made it a decent 15 minutes away from campus where the assistant principal approached the group and said: "Your fun is over, get back to class."

She stopped, stared at him and said: "Fighting for our rights is not what I like to call fun."

Had the assistant principle not turned on the news? Was he trying to forget the fact that the mass shooting could have very well happened in the very school he works at? Or is it that his political party doesn't seem to find the importance of gun control? I don't know, but it's blind people like him that students are done obeying and just another reason to continue fighting for gun control.

This is in no way "fun."

It is also no secret that one political party is in favor of gun control while the other political party is not. It is also no secret that the political party who is not in favor of gun control also happens to be the same side as our president.

The real point I'm trying to make here is that recently, people are so caught up in the idea of what political party wants what, what political party is stronger than the other, that they do not stop to think about how their selfish acts of "who says what" is affecting the population as a whole.

Gun control does not mean taking guns away from people. We don't want your guns. Gun control simply means making it more of a process, making it more difficult for just any person to be an owner of a gun.

We don't want politicians passing laws allowing for teachers to carry guns in school as "self-defense."

Our government today doesn't even want to give our teachers money for basic classroom supplies but they are willing to invest in gun handling lessons? You can't fight fire with fire, that will just put everything into flames. Can you imagine if EVERYONE was allowed to carry a gun on their person for "protection?"

One little disagreement could suddenly turn into a death sentence as the person who gets worked up knows he/she has an easy solution sitting in their back pockets.

Our politicians need to focus less on how much money from the NRA goes directly into their pockets and focus more on making it more difficult for just ANY individual to buy and obtain a weapon, especially an AR-15.

Us students are not giving up. We demand change and we want change now. There are other "fun" things we'd rather be doing, than doing our leaders' jobs.

Cover Image Credit: ileana_palmieri

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Republicans Supporting Gun Reform Is Like Trump Deleting His Twitter

While they are really great ideas, neither are likely to happen.

Speaking truthfully, the United States of America is a hopeful nation. On average, we believe our leaders will do what is best for our country. It’s why we elect them. But now we are asking Republicans for something huge.

We are asking for gun reform.

Now call me cynical and a summertime “snowflake” but I don’t think it’s going to happen. For a brief moment, I thought it would. When the Sandy Hook shooting happened, I was so sure everyone would get behind it. After all, 20 school children between the ages of six and seven were massacred.

But nothing happened. Nothing changed.

I figured if Republicans wouldn’t budge when looking at a memorial dedicated to children under the age of ten, they wouldn’t budge for anything.

Because here’s the thing: Republicans really don’t need you to like them. They really only need two things, and the first is money.

Money makes the Congressional world go ‘round. If you have money, then you have a seat. Money gets you the exposure that you need to get your platform across to the public.

Unsurprisingly, the Republican party reaps a plentiful reward by sucking up to the NRA. If you watched Emma Gonzales’s speech in which she addresses NRA funding, you already know Trump received $30 million in his pursuit to win the 2016 election.

Also, thanks to this handy-dandy article from the New York Times, you can see the top 10 NRA career recipients in both the House and the Senate.

I’m not saying all those who oppose gun control are Republican, I’m just saying it’s very likely that all those who oppose gun control receive money from the NRA and it’s very likely that all those who receive money from the NRA are Republican.

Because, listen, the NRA has its own Political Action Committee. They pump money into this thing which is specifically tailored to influence the outcome of elections and proposed legislation. Just after the Sandy Hook shooting, afraid that guns would be taken away, donors increased their donations to $22 million dollars for the 2014 election cycle.

My point is clear: the NRA receives monetary donations to oppose gun reform. The NRA donates this money to get people who will oppose gun reform elected or re-elected. And, as I’ve stated before, these people are very likely to be Republican.

Anyway, I digress.

The second thing that Republicans need from you is to forget that this even happened.

This sounds harsh, but it is true. The families of the victims won’t ever forget, but those of us who watch all of this through a screen can easily let this slip out of our lives. Republicans feed off of those people. Why? Because those are the people that get them elected.

Those people managed to forget how much their heart hurt when they saw 26 faces on the screen after Sandy Hook. The NRA was able to get their advocates elected. Now there are 17 faces on our screen, and I don’t plan on forgetting. I am going to make it very clear that I will remember those faces.

Those faces are enough for me to say, “Nothing else matters.” Because, quite frankly, they don’t matter. This wall doesn’t matter. This “travel ban” doesn’t matter. Children will begin to wonder if their school is next. Schools should not be associated with that kind of rhetoric.

I encourage you to believe the same.

So long as you don’t forget, you will hold Republicans accountable. You will hold all NRA donation recipients accountable. The only way you can get Congress to address gun reform in your favor is to say, “I remember those faces. It’s either you go my way or the high way.”

Yes, money makes the world go ‘round but your vote matters. Republicans can pump as much money as they want into their campaigns, but let them know they are wasting it because you won’t stand for people who do not stand for children. Because you remember those children.

But, before I go, to everyone who feels I have unjustly attacked the Republican party.

Make me apologize. Prove me wrong.

Pass gun reform. I’m not saying take guns away, I’m just saying make it more difficult for the mentally ill to kill our children. Once that happens, I will wholeheartedly apologize.

And, after apologizing, I’ll make sure to say, “Thank you.”

Thank you for siding with the lives of children.
Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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