Why We Need to Go Back to the 1920s
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Why We Need to Go Back to the 1920s

There is a reason it is called "The Roaring Twenties."

Why We Need to Go Back to the 1920s
Academy of Our Lady of Peace

Nowadays people listen to rap lyrics full of profanities and young men and women act as if they are constantly in a music video and dropping it like it's hot. Women dressing in booty short and tank tops, while men dress in over-sized t-shirts and baggy pants. But back in the 1920's, everything was different.

Men would actually dress to impress.

See how nice these men look? This is how they looked on a daily basis. Not just if they were going to a court date or a wedding.

Women began a revolution.

Because of these women we got the right to vote. Because of these women we don't have to wear dresses that constantly cover our shins. These women revolutionized their time and paved the way we are able to live today.

New music brought about new dances, Broadway, and a world wide phenomenon.

Prohibition didn't stop anyone from from getting merry.

While speakeasies were immediately shut down if they were found out, that didn't scare away anyone from staring one up.

Netflix and chill has now replaced courting and wooing.

Before Netflix and chill took over there was courtship and men actually chasing the women they wanted. They wrote long sappy love letters, opened and closed car doors for their women, and guys would kiss their girl's hands and caress their face. Not just feel up their leg and expect something in return.

Not only were the people roaring, the economy was too. Which made everyone that much everyone that much happier.

This era also gave birth to a comedic icon.

As well as a sports legend.

Although the 1930's and 40's may not have been so grand, the 1920's were truly fantastic. They paved their way to make changes for future generations and created styles and legends that are known world wide. If I could, I would with out a doubt go back to that era.

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