You've never seen "Broad City'?! Stop what you're doing right now and check it out immediately. The show revolves around these two gals Abbi and Ilana living their lives in New York City, and honestly just trying to make it through the day alive. Although, often these days turn out in total disaster, but they always have each other. I have to say that Ilana just might be the absolute best girlfriend ever. She is the type of friend that worships the ground you walk on, might care about you just a tad too much, and always killing you with laughter. Here are reasons why ever girl needs an Ilana in their lives

1. She is always encouraging you to follow your dreams

2. She never fails to express how much she loves you

3. She is always there to make you feel special

4. You might be totally freaking out, but here she is constantly trying to help you feel better about yourself

5. She will always be there to provide you with endless entertainment

6. She knows that neither of you will ever experience FOMO because you have each other, and that's all you need

7. She is a vault filled with useful nuggets of wisdom

8. She is also a vault with countless compliments reserved just for you

9. She's the kind of friend that is truly happy when you're happy

10. She will never let you go through anything alone

*bonus* She's an expert at giving toasts

Long story short, there will never be anyone that could love you more that Ilana will so I suggest when you friend like her, make sure to hold on to her tight. I would also like to give a shout out to my BFF Jolene for introducing me to this magical show, my life has been forever changed.