The word above is definitely used to describe how I feel.

I feel very indecisive about my college education. I wanted to transfer to another school because they were offering me more money in scholarships, accepted me into their honors program and were allowing me to graduate one year earlier. The options seemed endless. Bigger city, 3x more undergraduate students than the current institution, off-campus apartment(independency), and the list goes on and on forever. I can write about all of the positives that school offered for days on end. However, as with most things, there were consequences with going to that university.

  1. Car: I wouldn’t be allowed to take my car because it would be in a huge city so the monthly parking rates would be outrageous. This doesn’t seem like all that big of a problem, but I love to travel and I love knowing that I can get up and go somewhere, whenever I want to. In addition, I wouldn’t get to go home a lot or get a job farther than walking distance because I would not have a ride there and public transportation can get pricy.

2. Friends: People say that no matter if you transfer and go to another school or not, your personality and willingness will determine if you will make friends. I had this constant fear in my head that if I transferred, I was not going to make many friends and I would be alone most of the time. Although that might sounds appealing if you have had a rough past, I knew it was not going to be if I got into that situation.

3. Bills: This is probably the scariest part about the whole transfer process. I was denied housing from the institution I applied to transfer to because they had no room for me and there was a wait list for current students. I thought about the whole apartment thing and the idea of getting my own apartment was so much fun but I literally knew nobody in a city of almost 800,000 people. The price of everything was inflated more than the current place I live and I would not have a job at the time of moving.

I only listed a few of the reasons I couldn’t transfer to another school. I am deeply saddened by the fact that I could not transfer to another school, however, I know I made the right decision. I often think back to the time when I almost transferred and imagine the life I could be living. It doesn’t compare to the amazing life that I live right now. I have awesome friends, attentive professors and a bright future ahead.

I encourage all students looking to transfer to make sure they are making the right decision, and to follow their heart.