I can remember being younger and always thinking to myself how I wanted to get out of the town I grew up in. I always felt like I needed more from my life than being in my hometown with the same people every day. I think that is partially why I went away to college in another state, but that just didn't seem to be enough.

There is so much to experience and learn from traveling the world. You get to learn about different cultures and the kind of people that live in these foreign places. There would be chances for you to learn about other's stories and what their life is like. Just imagine the things you would hear from people who grew up in a different place than you. It would give you a chance to open your mind and be more accepting of what is different rather than learning a daily routine and not knowing what else is out there.

Not only do you get to learn from the new places you go to and the people you meet, but you also get to learn about yourself. It's a way to discover who you truly are when there is no more structure of your daily life. It seems freeing and scary at the same time, but it also seems like it is more than well worth it.

By traveling to different places in the world you would get a sense of perspective. There are people and places that are not as fortunate as we are. And by traveling you would get to see this in person and it can really change how you view your life. There may be moments when you realize how many of the things you are worrying about now are insignificant to someone else's problems.

Also, think about how many friends you have. Take into consideration that you have most of these friends because you have met them in person because of where you physically were in life. Now think about what would happen if you went somewhere completely different. Imagine all of the people out there that you have not yet met who share many common interests as you. There are so many potential friends out there for you to learn from.

Let's not forget about one of the main things. FOOD. I do not know about you, but there are so many places out there that I would love to try food from. How about gelato from Italy, poutine from Canada, pierogis from Poland or pad thai from Thailand. I can only imagine the amazing food from these places.

There are so many reasons why I want to travel the world. I think the main purpose is because I get tired of my daily routine and I sometimes just want more out of life. We only have one life here and I would hate to have stayed in one place this whole time without seeing what is really out there. I just believe that time spent traveling is not time spent wasted.