As a freshman, my interests shifted drastically. I went from wanting to work in aerospace engineering to wanting to work in medicine in the blink of an eye. In particular, I felt that I would be best suited for working with children in a medical capacity. That desire to become a doctor hasn't been fleeting at all; in fact, I can say that it has increased over the years.

Why do I want to be in medicine? I think I can attribute that to multiple things.

One of the obvious things is a love for science. Whether it be chemistry, biology, or physics, I am infatuated with science. Medicine provides me with a way through which I can immerse myself in one of my favorite subjects. It could be anything; the chemical reactions within the body, the various genetic disorders, and treatments, the anatomy of the human body. I just find it all interesting, and I think it is a crucial factor for me.

The second reason is that I just have this desire to help people with my care, especially special-needs children and other kids who are oftentimes left underserved and neglected. After seeing that so many special-needs kids do not have as many physicians who are tailored towards them and their care, I felt compelled to go down this path that had appeared in front of me spontaneously. I felt that it was important to work with a group that did not always receive adequate care.

The other is I think that I would best honor my sister. Sometimes, emotion drives us forward to become what we need or want to be. When my sister passed away after a surgery done to repair her heart, I felt this pull. It wasn't sudden or spontaneous. It was rather gradual, and as I lost my interest in engineering, my path became illuminated and far less obscured as it was in the past.

Obviously, there are other things. I have mentors and people I "idolize" who I have met over the years that I believe deserve praise, such as my sister's pediatrician, my pediatrician, and a friend of mine who still works at the same hospital I met him in. At the end of the day, I cannot wait to begin it all.