Philip DeFranco: The Voice of Reason For The Millennial Generation

Philip DeFranco: The Voice of Reason For The Millennial Generation

This is one of my most trusted news sources I get on the Internet.


"Sup, you beautiful bastards. Hope you are having a wonderful_________, my name is Philip DeFranco and let's just jump into it."

These are always the first few lines said by Philip DeFranco. Philip DeFranco is a YouTuber who covers the news with his Philip DeFranco Show. Mr. DeFranco covers everything from politics, world news, entertainment, YouTube news, and any weird stories coming out of Florida among many topics. His videos range from 8-15 minutes long each Monday through Thursday on YouTube.

For many people my age, myself included, a majority of them will get their news from YouTube. Whether it be from DeFranco, SourceFed (Which was started by DeFranco), The Young Turks, or Tomi Lahren. Not only is he my favorite YouTuber, but he is my favorite person who delivers the news. In fact, he seems to be the best at it on YouTube.

One of the reasons why I love Philip DeFranco is it's a way of seeing both sides of an argument. DeFranco will look at both sides of the argument on things like Donald Trump without appealing only to the left or to the right. DeFranco will take time out of his day to do more in-depth research the Turks or Miss Lahren will not do. He makes people think about other options rather than saying "no, I'm right and you're wrong." I trust him more than CNN and Fox News.

During the 2016 election, Mr. DeFranco did not say who he was voting for. Not because he would be attacked for saying he was supporting one side or the other, but because it was his own dang business. While people like Casey Neistat did say they were supporting Clinton, he still did not say who was he was voting for and it was his own business.

Another reason why I love DeFranco for my news is that if there is a mass shooting or terrorist attack, he will not say the name of the person who carried out the attacks. His motto is that he doesn't want to give the perpatrator the attention that they want, but rather people know the names of the victims. This is something that I find commendable and something that new sources should start doing. If it's a person that did the attacks and on the run, then they should say the name.

The only time DeFranco will be bias towards something is if it involves parents doing horrible things to their children, then he will step in and say what he believes. DeFranco is a father and a husband, and he makes it clear on YouTube when these things happen. Instead of seeing both sides of the coin, he says that the horrible human beings are terrible should get full punishment, because nothing should happen to a child.

Without Mr. DeFranco, I would be agreeing blindly with a lot of my friends without really thinking about what the other side thinks about anything. I have been apart of the nation since 2010, and I have seen him grow as not only a YouTuber, but as a man in general. DeFranco started up SourceFed in the early 2010s and let the creators on that channel create great content without his involvement.

I would like to thank Philip DeFranco for making me who I am today in my beliefs, and I hope nothing but the best for you, Linz, and Trey. Thank you for all that you do for YouTube and see you tomorrow.

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