Everyone has a Tinder; whether or not you would like to admit it, you totally have it or had it at some point. At first tinder is a new cool experience but then once you swipe through tons of people that you don't even talk to it then becomes a mindless activity that is a complete waste of your time.

Really, it is.

Do you even have conversations with these people? Or is it like a game to see what people you match with? After awhile of receiving annoying, vulgar, repetitive surface chat I feel like it is pointless to continue talking to random people since nothing will come of it. I don't know what the motive is of whoever is on the other side of the conversation but it's safe to say over half of tinder users are using it as a hookup app and not a "get to know you" app.

Oh no, you were swiping way too fast and you pass someone who catches your eye, plot twist, you have to pay for a replay of that someone. Why on earth would you want to do that? I could think of a million other things to spend my money on. How is that even possible to charge people for something so ridiculous. For users to be sucked into pointless apps is unacceptable and again; a waste of time.

Maybe if Tinder was actually used for its intended purpose it might be a decent app, but the audience ranges from sex crazed young teenagers to adults only looking for hook-ups and a quick chat. Not exactly what the consensus of the general population wants to do look up stats. I understand that it's my choice to download the app and I'm fully aware that I can delete it at any point but I'm trying to inform anyone who was thinking of getting tinder to think twice. There is a million other ways to meet people and Tinder is not one of them.