It seems like the news keeps coming and has no plans to stop. Of course, that is the nature of a 24 hour news cycle, but I am specifically talking about the sexual assault stories that come out almost daily. It feels hard to keep track, which is why I want to share this spirituall draining game with you all that I like to call: Why Is This Man Trending On Twitter?

Are you ready?

1. Mario Batali

Sweet Lord, why is a member of The Chew hosting squad making headlines? A few weeks before Christmas, Mario Batali was accused of sexual harassment, and in turn he decided to take a break from his restaurant and The Chew.

2. Donald Trump

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, why is the president trending again for the fourth time today? Believe it or not, it is not because of sexual assault allegations. Instead, in response to the uproarious reaction to Trump's "sh*thole countries" commented he said that he "deeply respects" the people of Africa.

3. Casey Affleck

Heaven above, what is it this time? If you do not live under a rock, you know Casey Affleck's sexual assault history, as it has been publicly made by women who came out with stories, but most notably against his actions is actress Brie Larson, who kept her hands to her sides during the 2016 Oscars when Casey Affleck walked up to accept the award for best lead actor in Manchester by the Sea. In today's story, Affleck stated that he will not present at this year's Academy Awards. TIME magazine offers a helpful timeline of accusations against the actor. If history tends to repeat itself, Affleck could make news again.

4. David Harbour

Oh no, Chief Hopper? No, God, this cannot be...

Just kidding. The Stranger Things actor racked up almost 400,000 retweets when he asked the Twitterverse he wanted to hang out with penguins. Yes, I am serious.

5. Steve Wynn

Never heard of him? So why in the sweet name of the Lord Jesus Christ is he trending? You have now. Wynn, now former chairman of the Republican National Convention was reported by The Wall Street Journal to have multiple counts of sexual assault under his belt (absolutely no pun intended). This continues as a developing story, which you can read and have a wild time with on Twitter.