Reasons Why there’s a “Gay Pride” and not a “Straight Pride”
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Reasons Why There Is A “Gay Pride” And Not A “Straight Pride”

why are you mad?, when you could be GLAAD? - you need to calm down (Taylor Swift)

Reasons Why There Is A “Gay Pride” And Not A “Straight Pride”

Homosexuality is the attraction and love for a person of the same sex. Many people in society find this as something abnormal and immoral. This leads them to isolate homosexual people from the rest of society and makes them feel like they are worthless just for being true to themselves. Many times we feel like we don't fit in or that we don't belong in this world or society. We sometimes get pointed at for being different or for not following the typical stereotype that society has a mindset of. Being part of the LGBT community is not very easy in today's society, it has been accepting throughout the years and people have become more tolerable about the topic, but there is always going to be some sort of hate or rejection from some groups of people. Mostly, the LGBT community has problems with religious groups because they are told that homosexuality is a sin. Religious groups object to wordy their beliefs on social norms that are not reasonable enough to give them the right to eject or offend someone because of who they are.


1. Straight people aren’t getting murdered

Many trans woman of color were reported murdered this year, and anti- LGBTQ+ crimes have been rising up in the UK. Recently 2 lesbians on a London bus were attacked and beaten brutally because of homophobic people, the males that attacked these young ladies were ages 15-18 , this shows how our future generations are growing in a world full of hate and violence.

2. Straight people can travel without fear of being straight

Recently this year , Brunei made headlines when they announced that they would punish homosexuality to death. Now tell me , are straight people looking up or researching where they will travel for the holidays if they can get killed ?

3. Straight people have always been able to legally marry.

Same-sex marriage is still an ongoing battle in many states and countries around the world. There’s still even fear that the new rights will be repealed. Imagine being in love and be deprived of uniting your life with that special person through something you've always wanted.

4. Straight people have never been jailed for being straight.

Being queer/gay was criminalized until now that many countries are finally approving that gay is “ok”. While the actions of straight people are still punishable, they never faced imprisonments for who they love or how they identify.

5. Straight people aren’t called “sinners” for being straight.

With that being said , straight people didn’t get the cool nicknames the LGBTQ+ community did. Some of the most common ones are “abomination” , “demon” and “disgusting”. And we still have “the therapy” that makes you go from gay to straight, that is predominantly organized by religious leaders.

6. Straight people don’t face ‘heterophobia’ at work spaces.

With laws on workplace discrimination still not widespread, queer people need to decide whether they can be their true selves at work or be someone they aren’t. This is often due because of the amount of ignorance and discrimination there is towards gay people.

We all need to find peace and love in this world full of hate and ignorance. We cannot change peoples beliefs or minds, but we can always learn and how to be respectful of others and not make anyone less just because they decide to be their authentic self. Life is a straight pride for all my fellow straight cis people , while we LGBTQ+ members only get a month to celebrate our pride and Spirit with the wonderful colors of the rainbow

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