Why The Superhero Project Is A Nonprofit You Should Know About

Why The Superhero Project Is A Nonprofit You Should Know About

We are all superheroes in some way.

Inspiration is around every corner. It can come out of a walk in the park or by listening to a speaker. In this case, I found inspiration in The Superhero Project.

The SuperHero Project is a nonprofit organization that supports families with babies in the NicU. I came to know about the organization through my college soccer team. Kelly, the founder, is an alumni of the team and she came to speak to us about her experience with the NciU after her sons were born. She shared with us her experience while her sons were in the NicU. She said while it was a struggle to leave her two older children at home while she traveled to see her two sons, it was also hard to see other families whose child or children were there much longer. She became inspired through this.

The name came from a picture of her two sons wearing Superhero themed hats. It all began with Kelly making goodie baskets in her basement for the families in the NicU which contained granola bars, baby blankets, waters, tissues, sanitizers, journals and more comfort items. Many times when a mother is next to her child in the incubator, they do not want to get up to get something to eat, these baskets are a way to give them optimal time with their babies. These baskets are also a way to show that people are thinking about their baby and praying for their recovery. A simple act of kindness like this goes a long way.

Through Kelly's own experience with her two sons in the NicU, she is able to fully understand what other mothers are going through. These mothers cannot leave their babies; it's heartbreaking for many of them to leave their babies in the hospital. One huge thing the organization is doing is setting up Angel Eye Cameras which allows family and friends to see the baby at any time. These families can log on at all hours to make sure their baby is alright. These cameras also have a microphone feature that allows families to speak to the baby, which can foster recovery.

Kelly has many plans for expanding her organization now, but she says in the beginning she never imagined it would amount to this. The organization has raised thousands of dollars for cameras and she receives numerous donations to continue making baskets for families with children in the NicU. I never thought about the life of families with babies in the NicU and many people don't until they are in that situation themselves. I am truly blessed to have been exposed to this organization and all of Kelly's hard work and love is truly inspiring.

Cover Image Credit: The Superhero Project Facebook

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I Sing Because It's Who I Am

It's a part of me.

I'm going to apologize in advance before you read this. It's all over the place, has a lot of depth to it, and basically has the unapologetic truth about why I sing. Read on if you want.

I've been singing since I can remember. The first song I learned by myself was "Part of Your World" from Disney's "The Little Mermaid." Why do I remember that? Because music makes me who I am.

Many people don't understand why I sing, so I decided that I should share the why. And who knows, maybe other people feel the same way.

Music brings me to my "happy place." I'm a better person with music in my life.

When I sing, I forget all my worries. I forget what it's like to be sad. All I know how to do in that moment of me singing is to be happy. To be myself. It's a feeling I can't describe.

Obviously music was made to make people feel something, and boy, do I feel it all. I can feel the pain in a song. The joy. The heartbreak. All of it. Every detail. I notice it.

I sing because it's who I am. Without singing, I wouldn't be who I am today. I wouldn't be as cultured as I am (thanks mom & Mr. Stanley). I've learned so many things from music that without it, I feel empty.

I know, it sounds like I'm being over dramatic, but I swear, this is how I feel.

My mom introduced me to singing. I thank her everyday because of it. Many people think I got my voice from her, but I didn't. I don't know where it came from, and even though I'm proud to have it, I don't need it.

Growing up, my extended family constantly told me to try out for "American Idol" because my voice is beautiful. But I don't sing because my voice is beautiful. It's just an added bonus. I sing because I love it. There's no other explanation.

I'll probably never become a famous singer, and that's okay. My voice is just one of millions. However, I will continue to sing until the day I die because it is a part of me.

"I don't sing because I'm happy, I'm happy because I sing." - Anonymous

Cover Image Credit: Peyton Roux

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Every College Student Should Be Watching 'Grownish'

It’s college in a nutshell.

There are eight reasons college students should watch "Grownish" — my girls, especially.

1. It shows you why you must refrain from falling for a college basketball star.

2. For all my ladies: there is girl talk.

3. It is a great representation of college life.

4. It teaches you more about Communication than your COM 100 class could.

Let’s be honest. Most of us probably watch "Grownish" while we’re in COM class.

5. It shows you that you time in college is all about finding yourself and staying true to who you are.

It shows you that it OK to be lost, and it is okay to feel heartbreak, and it is OK to be stressed. It is apart of college.

6. Chloe and Halle.

What can I say? They are hilarious and my favorite set of twins.

7. Trevor Jackson.

Well, he’s been bae since I was like 14. I’d just like to say I loved him before, but I love him even more now. He plays Aaron on the show and his character is phenomenal. Ugh.

8. Yara Shahidi.

She is a queen on and off the screen. She is an 18-year-old actress who is attending Harvard while maintains her own show. C’mon.

"Grownish" is a great show and everyone should watch it.

Cover Image Credit: ABC

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