With the abundance of engagement pictures filled with sparkly rings, perfectly polished fingernails and posed pictures flooding social media these days, many girls may get the wrong idea of what their purpose and life goals really are. Now, don't get me wrong, finding that other person to spend the rest of your life with at a young age IS something to be excited about and a reason to brag and show off, but not everyone's life will follow the cliche' fairytale storyline. Nor should every girl's world revolve around a guy's happiness. A girl will only truly be happy and attract the right men if she puts her own life first and works on building her empire, before she concentrates on reaching #relationshipgoals. I can explain why:

In college, many girls may find themselves lost in the midst of parties, late night "Netflix and Chill," sessions, posting Instagram pictures to "make him jealous" and abandoning many of the morals and core beliefs that they were taught at a young age. Now, I'm not against partying or having fun in college because honestly I'm actually all for it.

College is the place to explore, learn, grown. To really find yourself and a sense of belonging, but that's just it.

It's the time to find...yourself.

In order to find a guy who is ready to maturely respect you, you must first respect, love and cater to yourself. This isn't a lecture on how to be cocky, hate all men or think you're the next Beyonce or Samantha Jones (more power to you if you are), but more so a sincere reminder of why remaining confident and having high standards and good etiquette in all that you do is what will you get ahead in the long run. What do you now can affect your future, and you would never want that impact to be a negative one.

Though sometimes it may seem like many guys are attracted to those girls with barely-there clothing,10,000 Instagram likes for the wrong reasons and Snapchat stories of just their bodies, the lady is the girl who will always win. Not because she is classy to impress men, but because she is so concerned with reaching her own success her classiness will catch the attention of men. These are the women who get brought home to mom, who captivate the soul, who open the mind and who most importantly grab the heart.

So go out into the world, have fun, meet friends, go on dates and create a place of genuine happiness for yourself and you can never lose at the game of relationships or life. If you live thinking of only how to temporarily change yourself in a degrading manner to impress guys or society, these same guys and society will think of you as a temporary person, don't you want to be the lady who leaves her mark?