Why The Jersey Shore Is Terrible
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Why The Jersey Shore Is Terrible

Who would ever want to vacation here?

Why The Jersey Shore Is Terrible
Greater Wildwoods Tourism Improvement and Development Authority

The Jersey Shore is disgusting and repulsive, just like the rest of the state. Who wants to spend their day at a beach that is probably covered in garbage and empty beer bottles? Who would ever take their family there? Unless you want to be surrounded by clones of the "Jersey Shore" cast, you should never even step foot onto one of these beaches. Here are some photos to help prove my point on why the Jersey Shore is the absolute worst place to spend your summer.

Look at how dirty that beach looks. It's no wonder that Ocean City, NJ got voted "Worst Beach in America" by Coastal Living.

The boardwalks has no decent food options. I've heard that Kohr's isn't even that great, anyway.

The boardwalk is pretty overrated, if you ask me. Your kids will hate it.

The sunrises are not that impressive either. People really need to calm down.

This does not look relaxing whatsoever.

The beaches are hideous. Who would ever want to take a picture on this non-aesthetically pleasing beach?

I mean, just imagine having to walk through this path to get to the beach.

I hope that you've realized that you should never vacation or spend the day at the Jersey Shore. You'll obviously regret it.

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