Why The Independent Woman Is Looked Down Upon
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Why The Independent Woman Is Looked Down Upon

She can’t help but be too much to handle.

Why The Independent Woman Is Looked Down Upon
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Dating back to the earliest turns of the century, women have always been viewed as fragile creatures. Our bodies were to remain a secret from men. The precious gift of virginity is portrayed like a flower hidden deep within an enchanted forest. We are made to seem mysterious and delicate. In every fairytale, the damsel in distress awaits for her knight in shining armor. Helpless and defenseless, the woman has always been told to be dependent on a man. It is time this stereotype is shed and left in the past.

There is nothing feminine about lacking independence. Just as a man is a man, a woman is a woman. We are just as capable as any ruling king or fearless warrior. Throughout history, women have constantly been limited and placed within a box. Now, more than ever, women are beginning to step into occupations and roles that have previously been possessed and dominated by men. Yet, society still looks down on women taking life by the reigns.

We are labeled as b*tches if we demand that which we want, while men who do the same are labeled assertive. Women are called snobby while men are called confident. A woman is a so-called "know-it-all," while a man is intelligent. It's like we are continually being placed on a lower shelf while a man takes the pedestal. It is sexist and unfair. And as sad as this fact is, many women are supporting this inequality among sexes.

As women we are so consumed with other's opinions that we refuse to step beyond the boundaries we are placed within. It isn’t that we are less capable, but that we fear the ridicule of stepping out. A different kind of societal pressure is put on women. While men are driven by success and the intentions of attaining respect, women are driven by being approved and accepted.

Society is constantly putting unnecessary pressure and unattainable expectations on the female population. Instead of standing strong in who we are, we bend and break ourselves to fit a mold we were never meant to fill. A woman was never meant to be a lesser of two equals. If you are a woman, you are strong, beautiful, and independent; so start acting like it.

For so long, thousands among thousands of women have succumbed to society’s gender roles. A woman never seems to ask for the first date and always waits for the man to initiate any type of communication. If an argument arises, the woman is usually the first to apologize. Considering the working world, women predominately work under men. But as a woman is beginning to redefine her place in society, she must first redefine the labels placed upon her.

Self-confidence is key to being a successful woman in what’s been deemed a “man’s world." Be proud of who you are and stop apologizing for what you aren’t. Stand strong in your beliefs and don’t be afraid to fight for the things you want. Don’t back down from competition and don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve, whether it be a relationship or a job. Keep your head up and continually strive for more. And always remember, nothing is more intimidating than a woman with class and ambition.

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