Why Taylor Swift Is An Amazing Role Model
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Why Taylor Swift Is An Amazing Role Model

Taylor Swift is not some psycho, rich, girly-girl who needs a man to come and save her.

Why Taylor Swift Is An Amazing Role Model

Taylor Alison Swift is undeniably one of today's most talented artists and arguably one of the best singer-songwriters of all time. Her hard work, dedication and passion for helping others are just a few qualities that make her someone that we should all look up to. People may say negative things about her and accuse her of not being the best role model because they can't stand the fact that she is such a good person or are just plain jealous of her. However, that is not my point. My point here today is to inform you all on why Taylor Swift IS in fact possibly the most amazing role models. Like ever!

First off, she is a hard worker. She has shown the world since day one that she does not let anyone or anything come in her way of following her dreams. She moved to Nashville when she was just 14 years old and did not take no for an answer until her music got heard. Then when streaming websites were not paying her the money that she worked long and hard for, she fought back and won. She has been releasing an album every other year and going on tour every other summer. She works her heart out to do what she loves more than anything, to make music. People everywhere can learn something and be inspired by her hard work and dedication.

She doesn't let people bring her down. When she was still very young, but already brilliantly successful, the infamous "Kanye West" incident occurred. Taylor handled herself with grace and dignity even writing a song about how she forgave him. In recent news, when Kanye wrote horrifyingly UNTRUE lyrics about her, she gave perhaps one of the most inspiring speech days later while accepting her 10th grammy award. We should all aspire to be like her and know how to handle bullies by keeping our spirit up, having class, and showing them just how amazing we are.

SHE HAS NOT DATED THAT MANY GUYS!!!! Come on, people. Every teenage girl dates lots of guys that they think they are in love with. Taylor, just is gifted in songwriting and was able to use her heartbreaks to help other girls get through their toughest times by knowing that she has been through the same things, while making billions of dollars while doing so.

Never. Never. Ever. Has Taylor Swift presented herself as some sort of lost damsel in distress. Taylor's music has always been to inspire that you don't need anybody to come save you, especially in 1989. Sure, Taylor wrote songs about breakups when she was weak, but she would not be human if she did not hurt when being betrayed by someone she thought she loved. Knowing that Taylor Swift was there representing all of us hopeless romantics with broken hearts gave many girls, like myself, something to fight for when they felt like they had nothing. Now that sounds like a pretty amazing role model to me.

Taylor spends countless hours donating her time and money to help those in need. She visits sick patients and takes the time to get to know them. She willingly throws free parties after her concerts for her fans to show them how much she loves them. Taylor never lets us forget how grateful she is for us, and we are grateful for her too.

Taylor Swift is not some psycho, rich, girlie girl who needs a man to come and save her.

Taylor Swift is a woman who works hard and stands up for what she believes in. She encourages us all to love ourselves and be who we are. She writes the words that we are all feeling when we feel as though we can not speak for ourselves. She is our best friend when nobody else is ther. She is fearless. Taylor Swift is an amazing role model that we should all be proud of and look up to, because believe it or not, she looks up to us too.

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