Art is inspirational, influential, and is created in many forms. But, how does local art effect the community and why should we care about it?

1. Creates stronger ties between culture and community

Art that originates from local artists can leave long-term positive impacts on the rest of the community. Art is unique, thought-provoking, beautiful, and inspiring. It can bring stronger ties between the people in a community and their cultures.

2. Allows money to flow back into your community

By showing interest, appreciation, and purchasing the products of your local artists, it shows them encouragement and support. Being paid for their work, gives artists a reason to continue creating, and is stimulating for the economy of your community.

3. Encourages expression

Supporting art, will help spark further creativity and innovation within your community.

4. Expands your network

Meeting artists will expand your personal network and open new doors for potential collaborations.

5. Leaves you with original pieces of art

Art that is hand-crafted in your community is one-of-a-kind.