There are many reasons why summer is the best season, but I think I can narrow it down to the top 10.

Do you know that question that goes "would you rather be too hot or too cold?" My answer would be that I'd rather be too hot hence why summer is my favorite season.

10. The sun doesn't go down until 10pm

This is an over exaggeration, but at times, it does feel like the sun isn't going to go down any time soon. I am not complaining. It makes it feel like the nights are never going to end, resulting in lifelong memories.

9. Did I mention no classes?

Unless you are taking summer classes, you're free for 3 months. Do I even need to explain anymore?

8. Summer festivals

Whether it be carnivals, fairs, or concerts, nothing beats a festival during the summer.

7. Country music actually sounds good

I hate country music, but as the weather is getting warmer, the stronger my love for country music grows. I actually will not stop talking to my best friend about going to a Dan & Shay concert in August.

6. Being tan

I work at a tanning salon, but now I won't get weird looks about being tan in December.

5. Birkenstocks + athletic shorts

The most ideal outfit: birkenstocks, black Nike athletic shorts, an oversized t shirt without a bra.

4. Going on outdoor adventures

You can go on a hike or swimming or really anything you want to do. Make sure you hydrate.

3. Instagram opportunities 

You can take so many cute pictures in the summer, whether it be at the beach, a creek, the lake, or by any body of water really. Especially when the sun is setting.

2. Life can change in a matter of seconds

Since you're not in classes and you have a lot of free time, you can make any change to your life at any time. At any time during the summer, if you're not happy, change it.

1. That "summer smell"

If you know, you know.

Summer is coming.