This Is Why Winter Isn't The Best Season And Summer Is

As a summer baby, I may be biased. But let's remind ourselves why summer is WAY better than winter.

For starters, who actually likes driving in the snow? The emotional pain you feel by having to get up much earlier to clean your car from the snow or frost is dreadful. Let's not forget how bad it is when you are running late for work/school and you have to drive with a frozen car. In the summer, you can just get in your car, turn on your A/C and get going with your day.

Bundling up in the winter! I am not a fan of walking around with a thousand layers on. Isn't that uncomfortable? What better way than to throw a pair of shorts and sandals and just walk out and let the nice breeze hit you.

You may be thinking "Is it possible to sweat and be cold at the same time?" Actually, it very much is. Try walking around for a while in cold weather and a heavy jacket and you will feel the heat coming at ya. At least in the summer, you can walk without any heavy garments and feel lightweight.

Who actually likes getting sick? The winter time is notorious for spreading around different kinds of sicknesses and flus. Nobody's got time for that. In the summer, it's hard to get sick because maybe I don't know, there isn't a polar vortex constantly when you're walking outside?!

The beach and the pool! What better way to relax than going to these places and enjoying a nice ice cream cone under the sun. In the winter, you have not much of a choice other than staying inside or partaking in activities such as skiing or snowboarding. No thanks.

The summer has lots of activities going on! Outside concerts, fairs, barbecues and what has winter got?

Okay, okay, now I may just say that winter may not be all that bad. But I'm sure summer has way more things that I actually enjoy. But as for winter, I just want to thank you for giving us hot chocolate!

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