What It Is Really Like To Work At Subway
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I Worked At Subway This Summer And It Was So Bad I Quit Before The Summer Was Over

The reality of working at Subway.


Subway is one of the largest food chains around. Have you ever been to a town and not seen a Subway? Where I live, there are two Subways on the same street.

At your own local Subway, the meat, cheese, olives, pickles come presliced, in a bag. The freshest vegetables are the onions, green bell peppers, and tomatoes. The Subway employees are to cut these up each day. If you haven't cut four containers of onions and felt your eyes burning from the inside out, have you really ever lived?

At the Subway I worked at, we were severely understaffed. Often, we couldn't keep people long enough to come back for their second day of training. Since we did not have enough people working, we all got a lot of hours. I would oftentimes work six days a week, eight-hour-long shifts.

Most of my coworkers were fun to work with them. Some of them took any chance they got to get out of doing any work.

At my store, the morning and night shift had a huge rivalry. Morning shift would always complain about night shift not cleaning up properly. The night shift would always complain about the morning shift not prepping vegetables or making sure everything was restocked.

A majority of the customers were always rude or juts looking for a way to get something free or discounted. My store did not close till midnight, so that means we got ALL types of weird people.

One time we had a line out the door and we had a college girl come through the line. We make her sandwich exactly how she wanted. Once she got to the cucumbers, she tells my coworker and I that they look gross and proceeds to tell us that she wants a whole cucumber.

We didn't know what to do. As far as we were concerned, we could not just go around handing out WHOLE cucumbers. We ended up calling our manager and asking if we were allowed to do that. Surprisingly, in the end, she walked out with a whole cucumber in her hand and a huge smile.

I have also had people get furious when I have to break the news that we don't offer the five-dollar footlong anymore. Which is something Subway has not offered since 2008.

I had one older woman ask me if we had soups. When I told her we did not have soups and only sold sandwiches or wraps she proceeded to tell me that I was wrong and that we have ALWAYS sold soups. To this day, I don't understand why she wanted to argue with me, a person who works at Subway, about what we were selling.

All in all, I would never work at a Subway again. There was no opportunity for raises, even if you have had prior experience you will get to start off at the minimum wage. The only way to start making more money was to become a manager, which meant you got paid $8.00 an hour instead of the usual $7.25.

Next time you go to your local Subway, please be nice to the workers. If you are feeling extra nice, leave us a tip. It would really make our day a lot better.

Stay Fresh.

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