Why Spending Time With Your Family Is Important

Throughout this holiday season, family parties and get-togethers may seem like a drag with insulting relatives, the inevitable talk of politics, and old drama that resurfaces. But try to be positive and stay calm; they are your family. You only get one family, so make the best of your time home with them.

Family can be draining at times, but they can also be rejuvenating. After the hustle and bustle of the semester with grueling assignments, it can be very refreshing to sit back and relax with your parents or siblings. And after living in an unfamiliar dorm for a few months, it is comforting to come back to your home.

I have some of the best memories of spending time with my family at home, decorating the Christmas tree, making cookies, and reading in front of the fireplace. There is nothing better than snuggling up inside your house with the people who love you the most. Instead of getting annoyed at your family, try to build your relationship by talking and doing activities together. Some things to do together are ice skating, going to the movies and dinner, paint and wine night, taking a trip into a nearby city to see a show, and just hanging out at home together.

In my experience, my family is my best support system, talking me through finals week, coming to see my choir concerts, and giving me moral support. Without your family by your side to support you, it is hard to succeed in school and life. Whether your family is your parents, grandparents, siblings, or best friends, spend time with loved ones this holiday season because every time you see them is special. Show your appreciation by being caring and doing fun things together. You never know when you might be separated.

My family cheers me up when I’m at my lowest points in life, helping me through tough times. Whenever I need support, my parents and siblings are always there to lend a helping hand - whether I'm sick, sad, or in need of a friend. Spending time with your family is important because it brings you closer to the people that will always support you and love you. Don’t take your family members for granted because it is hard to get together once you are in college. My family, for example, is separated by three states because my brother and I go to different schools.

Family humbles you, taking you back to your roots. When you live away at college, it is easy to forget the people that you left behind. But while I was home on break I saw all my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents and it made me remember all of my great childhood memories and gave me a chance to make new ones.

Even if you do not get along with every family member you have, try to make an effort in the New Year because they are always going to be your family, even if you disagree on some things.

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