3 Reasons Why Social Media Is Fake

Every time when I open my Facebook or Instagram, there must be some flawless filtered pictures from certain people. Their lives seem adorable, occupied with branded clothes, lovely friends, luxury beach trips, and perfect relationships. Common people like me may lose confidence when comparing life with them. However, have you thought about the real scene behind these “shining moments?” Social media could be a mask, and I bet there’s no one who wants to present their “worse side” to public. It’s natural that people need more compliments in a fictional world, especially when they can’t get these in face-to-face interactions. The crucial thing is don’t let this fake thing trick you: you may never be as perfect as you expect or as you post, but you are still unique of being who you are. Here’re three convincing evidence to support that social media is just unreal.

1. Appearance

Most social medias contain automatic filters. For example, for Instagram, there’re more than 30 kinds of filters that you can choose. Some girls would do their best to make themselves look more tan or more skinny, using colors’ contrasts. No doubt, technology can easily make someone look prettier, but it can never change someone’s “inner beauty” which is an accumulation.

2. Relationships

“MCM”/ “WCW” are the tags that I’ve seen most. Once there’s a Valentine’s Day or any other anniversaries, colorful flowers, especially roses, are a necessary. It seems that there’re no fightings or conflicts among other couples; their relationships are ideal and romantic: with a caring boyfriend or a girlfriend that always supports his/her other half. Of course, there’re certain memorable moments that are worth remembering. But each couple has their own “behind-door stories”. They all have their individual problems that they don’t want to show on social media, such as a “long-distance relationship.” There’s no need for us to adore their lives, yet ignore to consider about how to keep our own relationships.

3. Food

There’re a group of people online who are obsessed with taking pictures of food (not with food though). Although they may not enjoy what they eat at all, they would take 15 minutes to take those fancy photos. The most hateful thing is that they love to choose a time when you’re starving or exhausting on bed to post these food. Sushi, Ramen, French dishes, or Chinese are all in front of you when you may be at your lowest point of a day. You just can’t get through this!

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