Why Small County Fairs Are Still Important
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Why Small County Fairs Are Still Important

Five things we all love about them

Why Small County Fairs Are Still Important

With today's high tech world of rapid entertainment and technology, sometimes it is just good to get back to the basics. And nothing screams America like a county fair. Sure, they're small. You can't escape the small of deep fried something, and don't let your kids go on the rides unattended. But here are five reasons why small county disablement be counted out just yet.

1) Something to be proud of

4-H and FFA kids who exhibit at the fair work months on their projects. They've worked hard and prepared and there is nothing better than getting that blue ribbon at the end of the day. Seeing their projects on display is reward in itself. Having a trophy next to it just sweetens the deal. Plus, grandma getting them that milkshake doesn't hurt either.

2) Something to come together about

Fair friends are friends for life. You know that one person you only see once a year? Well that's your family. You'll sweat, work, and cry with them for a week, and if you see them at all during the rest of the year it's like finding a long lost friend.

3) Something to do

Let's face it, kids get bored over the summer. If they're not working, they're probably just sitting at home being bored or driving their parents nuts. The fair gives them something to do for a week that's relatively inexpensive and you're almost guaranteed to bump into a friend.

4) Something to eat

Everyone has their favorite fair food. If you ask anyone, they'll point you to their favorite stand. Everyone has something they splurge on at least once during the week. Be a fried cheese on a stick, deep fried Oreos, or something else (probably deep fried), everyone gains weight fair week.

5) Something to celebrate

Whether it's going to a concert in the grandstand, a tractor pull, or a circus act, everybody has a good time at fair. No matter how young or old you are there's something for everyone. Want to watch a wine judging contest? We got it. Want to have a mud pie baking competition? We have that too. Even if it's not your project being judged, you can still celebrate with your friends.

So get out there. Grab yourself a deep fried Oreo and park yourself in the grandstand. Cheer loudly, and enjoy the show.

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