The ultimate question for our generation; is chivalry really dead? Where are the drive-in movie dates? Where are the guys who ask you out in person? Where are the guys who greet your parents before taking you out? Where are the guys who kiss you goodnight and don’t ask for anything more?

Here’s to the women who are tired of getting blown off at 11 p.m. because he’s “hanging with the boys” tonight. Here’s to the women whose boyfriends have forgotten birthdays, anniversaries, and many a Valentine’s day. Here's to the women who plan all the dates. Here’s to the women who always split the check. Here's to the women who lay awake at night wondering if he still cares. This is for you.

You don’t deserve half-assed.

Who says that true love only happens in fairytales? Who says that being “let down” and “disappointed” is the norm? Who says that spending the rest of your life with someone like that is okay?

This is what you want. This is what you deserve:

When you kiss, it is a physical manifestation of the profound connection between the two of you. It sends electricity rushing through your veins, until it sets your soul on fire. His lips linger on yours for just a moment longer, because he doesn’t want it to end. He loves the smoothness of your skin when he grazes your cheeks ever so softly. He wants to hold your hand, hold your waist, hold you close all the time; especially in public. Your love making is magical. Your mental connection enhances the physical intimacy between the two of you. All of your previous partners were in lust with you, but he is in love with you.

He loves the way you laugh. He would put himself in the most ridiculous of situations just to see you crack your beautiful smile and chuckle infectiously. He loves how you moan his name ever so softly between the sheets. He loves it when you sing along to the car radio, even though your voice cracks on the high notes. He loves the raspiness in your voice first thing in the morning.

He looks at you as if you were the most valuable gem in the entire world. He thinks you are the most exquisite, beautiful woman he has ever seen. He loves how your eyes sparkle and the way your golden hair falls effortlessly upon your shoulders. He is in constant wonderment of you. When he looks at you, he looks deep into your soul. No one has ever looked at you that way before.

Do not settle for a man unless he is wholeheartedly enamored with every aspect of your being.

Do not settle for mediocrity. Do not compromise for comforts sake.

You deserve this.

Everyone deserves this.