Why You Need To Take A Self-Defense Class
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Why You Need To Take A Self-Defense Class

Learn how to defend yourself in a serious situation.

Why You Need To Take A Self-Defense Class
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Today’s world is not all sunshine and rainbows, so it is important to prepare for a dangerous situation because something could happen to you when least expected. Take advantage of self-defense classes at your university or recreation facility to be ready for whatever life throws at you. Self-defense reminds us of our true strength and power, while preparing us for the worst. Here are five reasons why self-defense is important--

1. Builds self-confidence

Sometimes we forget our inner strength. While taking a self-defense class, you are pushed to your physical limits and placed into uncomfortable situations. Hitting and punching is not a normal response we automatically fall back on, but the classes remind us of our mental and physical capabilities. After learning quick moves and processes to use in an emergency situation against an attacker, you will feel more confident and better prepared to defend yourself.

2. Practice makes perfect

It is difficult to say what we would do in an emergency situation. We can imagine our inner-ninjas would come out and save the day, but realistically, our bodies must practice defense until it becomes second nature. Your class will teach reasonable responses and techniques you could use if threatened. Not all moves are dramatic or include precise finger stabbing, but usually rely on large body parts and body weight against the attacker. Even simple exercises, like avoiding distractions, scanning your area, and listening for something out-of-the-ordinary, prepare your body and mind for any possible situation.

3. Useful for life

Sure, you could lift weights or practice yoga for a health class, but self-defense is applicable and beneficial in many situations. If you do not feel comfortable protecting yourself against an attacker, self-defense classes will prepare you for a possible situation that could happen. Not all attacks are big, but any attack is a possible attempt to hurt you. Do not take for granted your safety, especially if you value your life and others. Learn how to safely protect yourself in case of a threat because your life matters.

4. A workout and life lesson in one

Imagine: kicking, punching, shuffling, blocking and fighting.There will be a lot of sweat after even one self-defense class. During scenarios, your body begins to react instinctively and quickly. Your heart rate rises, muscles pump, and temperature heightens. Like boxing, self-defense classes offer fight-like scenarios without any real threat. Put all of your effort into the techniques to prepare your body and mind for the situation. Also, you become stronger after a couple weeks of classes because you build muscle and strength from kicking and punching repetitively.

5. Teach others your new moves

Self-defense techniques are universal -- almost anyone can complete them. It does not take an insane amount of strength or endurance to fight off an attacker, only an idea of what to do and how. Teach your friends what you learned to further benefit their life and to practice your techniques. Safely practice self-defense with friends or family you trust. Self-defense moves are used in emergency situations when you feel threatened, not when your brother or sister pokes fun at you.

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Seek out the nearest self-defense class and be prepared if something was to endanger your life. Even if you have some amazing jabs and front kicks, always contact the police for help during an emergency.

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