The TV show "Scrubs" holds a special place in my heart, just like with many others around the country. It's one of those feel good shows that makes you laugh at every joke no matter how lame it is. The comedy is so personified, yet so close to the actual world. The insane skits that go on in JD's head take a while to decipher, but nonetheless provide countless laughs. Beyond the giggles, it also gives sound advice for times of trouble. It's also so relatable to real life. Whether you're down in the dumps, bored at home, or whatever you may be doing, here are 12 GIFs that explain why "Scrubs" is one of the best shows of all time.

1. When you're trying to suck up to your professor at the end of the semester, but they aren't having it.

2. "Scrubs" will expose you to all types of people.

3. When you see someone you already don't like doing something stupid.

4. When you hear people bragging about irrelevant stuff.

5. When people question why you're so liberal.

6. JD's mind is just full of the most random scenarios.

7. Elliot can perfectly describe many of us.

8. When you catch people in a string of little lies.

9. When people try to mess with you while you're in a bad mood.

10. "Scrubs" can give perfect life advice.

11. "Scrubs" taught us to embrace the "Bromance."

12. When things got too serious, "Scrubs" taught us how to de-escalate.

Whether it's about love and loss, or smiles and farts, "Scrubs" is always there with the right material. "Scrubs" is currently on Netflix, so do yourself a favor and watch it now!