Why Rush Week Is Not Appreciated Enough
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Why Rush Week Is Not Appreciated Enough

For the girls dreading work week & rush week.

Why Rush Week Is Not Appreciated Enough
Emily Moessner

Sorority rush week and work week get a lot of hate for being a pain to deal with, and something that most sorority girls despise. While this can be true, considering it isn't fun to go back to school 15 days before classes start, only to be trapped in your sorority house, I think the whole process is generally under-rated. I actually enjoy spending two weeks with my sisters while we were locked in our house. Here are few reasons why rush week and work week are actually a good thing.

You get closer with your sisters.

While you’re probably already close with a lot of your sisters, it's harder in larger chapters to really get close with everyone. However, spending so much time together in close quarters forces you to talk to everyone. You also see everyone at their best and their worst during these two weeks, and it is easier to spark conversations with sisters that you may not have before.

Image Credit: Emily Moessner

You become more appreciative and aware of the girls in power positions.

The Rush chair? The Matching chair? The Décor chair? You have mad respect for all of them now. You think that you staying up until 2 a.m. is bad? Well, these ladies are probably staying up later than you and waking up earlier than you, if they even get sleep at all during these two weeks. Also, they have planned everything down to the last detail, and everything looks flawless come morning.

You get to have impromptu dance and karaoke parties late at night.

While this probably isn’t the first thing that might come to mind when you think of rush and work week, it most definitely happens. Waiting on the voting results? Turn on some old school Jonas Brothers and get the party started to pass the time.

You have an excuse to put on real clothes.

While in sorority world it is very common to only wear Nike shorts, t-shirts and tennis shoes, having to have your hair and makeup done and wear heels and a dress all week reminds you all of how good you actually look when you try. It is definitely a confidence booster to feel and look good all week.

You take lots of pictures.

Remember how you’re all dressed up and looking #flawless? Yeah well, this is the perfect time to take cute pictures for Instagram, Tumblr and all of your other favorite social media sites.

Image Credit: Emily Moessner

So the next time you say how much you’re dreading the upcoming work and rush week, think about all the positives that are also associated with this time with your sisters.

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