What is ghosting? A lot of us have been ghosted and or maybe ghosted another person. Ghosting is cutting off friends or the person your dating usually through social media, according to Urban Dictionary. In reality, you can ghost anyone just by ignoring them, sometimes I wish I could ghost everyone.

As shallow as it sounds, ghosting sucks! It really hurts being the person who was ghosted. It means someone you liked or even cared about couldn't even care enough about you to voice why they're leaving. Ghosting is rude and more damaging than you would think. It can keep people from pursuing future relationships and maybe ruin the ones they find.

Here are my ghost encounters:

The first one is my ex. I loved him, he left me, I got over it. The pretty basic storyline, except when he left me he broke my heart gave me no explanations refused to see me and stopped replying. I got over it, then he decided to dig the knife deeper into my back by randomly messaging me whenever he feels like it. This is a reappearing ghost, probably the scariest of them all. These ghosts like to keep you dangling by a thread hurting you whenever they want. It's sick and disturbing.

Next was a hook-up fling ish kind of guy. Now he never fully ghosted me, instead, he moved three hours away and never told me. I asked him to hang out a couple of times and he gave me weird excuses, INSTEAD OF JUST SAYING HE MOVED AWAY. That was a weird ghost.

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My final paranormal encounter was my most recent and quite possibly my most irritating. This ghost was a Danny Phantom styled ghost. He had been hitting on me for two years now and when I finally am free he ghosts me. But he comes back once every week to hang out, he even said he would take me on a date. We'll see if that ever happens or if he disappears to haunt another chick.

In the meantime, until we get rid of all these unfriendly spirits stay safe. The best way to combat a ghost is to ghost them first, but that's also the loneliest way.