I Asked 16 Penn State Freshman Why They Want To THON

With THON weekend quickly approaching, the giving spirit of raising money for childhood cancer is at its peak. While everyone who has participated in THON knows what to expect and all of the greatness that comes with it, many people have not gotten the chance to experience the amazing day.

Here are 16 reasons freshmen at Penn State want to THON this weekend:

1. "I want to THON because one of my best buddies had brain cancer as a child and the side effects of treatment and the cancer still affect him today. I want kids to feel like they can still have a normal life." 

- Katie Moyer

2. "I want to THON because one of my best friends growing up got diagnosed with Leukemia, and it personally affected me so I've wanted to do it since."

- Caroline Dempsey

3. "I want to THON to be a part of something bigger than myself. It's really cool that we have the opportunity to be a part of a support system that I have seen help so many families, and it's rewarding to see all of Penn State come together to work toward the same goal."

- Meghan Liddy

4. "I want to THON because I've had family members affected by cancer and I think children especially should never have to go through that, so anything I can do to help is important." 

- Abby Kissell

5. "I want to THON to bring hope, happiness and support to THON families everywhere and in hopes of one day finding a cure. I want to let THON families everywhere know they are never alone in this battle."

- Leah Vanhorn

6. "I want to THON to give children a carefree and fun childhood."

- Hannah Stokes

7. "I want to THON so that cubs can become lions and we can have more tomorrows."

- Amanda Herro

8. "I want to THON mostly because I think the power that our school has to help such a good cause when we all join together is really crazy. I'm ready for THON to be the reason that we kick cancer's butt."

- Kaley Theodorus

9. "I want to THON for a better tomorrow." 

- Rory Callahan

10. "I want to THON to contribute to a program that supports so many people's lives." 

- Rachel Bradley

11. "I want to THON because no parent/family should ever have to wonder whether or not their child/sibling is going to make it another day. THON has given me the opportunity to change the lives of those in need and seeing the smiles on their faces is something that should never be taken away."

-Rebecka Hart

12. "I want to THON for my uncle who is a survivor of Pediatric Cancer and to be there for other kids who are going through the same thing he did! I want to make an impact on a child's life and make them forget about the struggles, even if it is just for 46 hours." 

- Julianna Simon

"13. I want to THON so that I can make a difference and find a cure so the families and kids don't have to suffer anymore. I want to THON for my neighbor, Nick."

- John Konieczny

14. "I want to THON so families don't have to worry about medical bills and so kids can focus on being kids!" 

- Olivia Zepp

15. "I want to THON because I've seen firsthand the effects that cancer can have on a family. When my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, the emotional support from friends and family helped us get through it, but I can't imagine the impact on a family when the child is the one being diagnosed."

- Ross Cottrill

16. "I want to THON to help children and their families and have a good time doing it." 

- Jake Moore

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