Why Parenthood Was The Last Good Show On TV

Why Parenthood Was The Last Good Show On TV

It's so hip and it got me saying "whassup" to everyone I meet.

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I have attempted to watch new shows, as in shows that are still airing. I really have tried. To put it lightly, it has been a challenge. I want something to spark my interest like the classics did. I want something with fresh, real characters that aren't trying to be something they aren't. I need a show that is not trying to be something it is not. A show that is not forced and fake woke. It should just be authentic (whatever that means anyway). Please tell me if you know of any show that measures up to the characters that were once created in older ones.

Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough. I know I said I've tried, but maybe I haven't. But I have. I'm in a constant struggle with myself. I want to re-experience watching my favorite shows for the first time. I want to savor them, drag them out a little longer, because I feel as if I will never get to encounter something as good ever again. Okay, my apologies, do I have too much of an unhealthy relationship with television?

HAHA JK never. I love television, no sense in denying it. What was I saying? Ah, good, quality television. The last show that I recall absolutely LOVING, like drop everything in my life except coffee and the occasional dance break loving, is Parenthood.

After it ended in 2015, life shriveled up and perished soon after. It focused on normal people, fancy that. Normal relationship dynamics. A simple family, with real life struggles that are not too over the top, but still enough to keep it entertaining.

For instance, heartbreak, cancer, loss of jobs, kids running away, etc., all happen at once to the same family, but at least they make sense. The story lines are written well, and the characters are written well. It is comforting and homey because of the characters. They are not over the top. They are flawed and special.

Take Adam, he is the typical dad figure. However, instead of making the character cartoony and outrageously dumb like some actors might, Peter Krause makes it normal and real. He is so funny. It kills me. When he meets Hattie's boyfriend for the first time and says "WHASSUP," I fell over. Also, I can't get through this article without mentioning the fever. That whole concept is genius. It is moments like those on television that are what I look for. A group of people who may not always get along, but there is something in the split second that takes them back, and they are somehow all connected.

It's not just the parents that the writers pull off so well. They also give the children and teenagers actual, quality storylines, instead of just making up a stupid lie, like them being over at a friend's house or that they are too sick to leave the bed, so they aren't in it all the time. The writers treat them as real people too, which they are and should be shown with legitimate difficulties and issues.

When you get right down to it, the characters are what makes this show hands down the last good show that aired, in my opinion. I don't want to generalize. Who knows? I may be the only one who thinks this.

I just feel like there is something missing. There is no show like Parenthood out anymore. Don't even try to tell me This Is Us fills the void because that is just ridiculous. I feel as if I've written about this so many times. I have tried to articulate it in the most succinct way possible, but I haven't seen any changes. I want to know if you all feel the same way. Is there hope for television still?

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