Why Millennials' Ideas Of Beauty Are Flawed

How many times have you looked in the mirror and the first thing you did was pick yourself apart rather than being automatically content with what you saw? How many times have you seen a photo on social media and instantly desired a hundred traits another has? We have redefined what beauty is with the use of social media, but true beauty isn't in the filter, it is the realization that every single one of us came to this earth in our own unique expression, incomparable because no two people are alike.

We base our level of attraction off of an Instagram-like.

We are all guilty of it, nowadays anyone and everyone is a model and there is nothing wrong with that but if you are spending your time comparing yourself to the person with 500 likes on a photo, stop. Each photo only displays a highlight of someone else's life and features. And the truth of the matter is that someone is comparing themselves to your pictures just as much as you are to theirs so why not be accepting of your own beauty?

We set unrealistic standards and goals all over social media.

Photos of extremely fit men and women sporting Nike apparel or beauty products have taken over social media. We all "tweet" and "like" it with captions that say "goals" and set this standard that in order to be attractive we must look like them. Guys, do you know pizza exists and actually makes you happier than any detox product ever will? There is no need to feel pressured to look like any of those photos because we all illustrate beauty in our own ways, our smile, our laugh, so take life easy and eat the donut because donuts are true beauty.

We confuse confidence with being conceited.

Being confident about who you are IS A GOOD THING. Embrace it, own it, flaunt it, be proud of everything you are just because you do does not mean you are being conceited or full of yourself, its called loving yourself and the first thing you should do. Be bold, be confident people actually love that, its inspiring and if more people were actually confident in themselves they wouldn't have to tear others down. There is something extremely beautiful of someone confident in their own skin and who they are, embracing your individuality is something no one else can temper with. No one should ever feel fearful to display everything they are, no one is you and that is your power.

Photos are easy to post, but they don't display who the person really is.

"You can't trust the girl that gets 300 likes on a photo," okay says who? How do you know? Have you actually talked to her? Do you know her interest, bet you didn't realize how much she works or where she spends her time volunteering. Photos are so easy to upload now but pictures don't really tell a thousand words, they don't speak to you and tell you about their passions, dreams, and what they care most in life. That is where true beauty resides. The girl in the bikini on the beach is attractive, the confidence is attractive, but their are wonderful unique things about that girl that no one knows that are truly BEAUTIFUL.

It is easy to get caught up in expressing through social media, but we can't forget that each and everyone one of us came to this earth in our own unique expression, that is beautiful. If we based attraction on what types of books people liked to read, what people loved, why they loved things, where their favorite place to escape to and breathe was, how different our perceptions on beauty would be.

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