Why I Never Want To Hear "You're Always On Your Phone"

Why I Never Want To Hear "You're Always On Your Phone"

An Open Letter to the adults in my life and yours.

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Dear Moms and Dads, Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents, Siblings, and older Cousins,

Shame on you, shame on me, shame on us.

As a college kid, there is nothing that irks me more than hearing "you're always on your phone." Actually, no. I'm not. If i'm not in class, I'm at practice. If 'm not at practice, I'm doing homework or eating or enjoying myself with my friends and /or teammates. And if none of the above is occurring I am sleeping. With the little free time I have, I get to decide how to use it. Yes, there will be times that I'm on my phone checking social media, but other than that you will not see me on my phone much. I'll pull it out to post and take pictures, or to show you something I thought you would like and that's it. It's kind of ironic how this situation works.

I was raised, just as you were before my time, to never be on your phone while around others, or at meals. It's considered rude and disrespectful. Nowadays everyone is on their phone. Personally, I will wait until everyone else is on their phone before I use mine. It's almost like no one knows how to socialize anymore; it consists of all of us talking about what's on our timelines or newsfeeds instead of interacting with each other and talking about our lives.

Young/New parents give their children their phone as a "solution." They think it will help them from crying or complaining, but are sorely mistaken. Yes, it's a temporary fix, but it creates another long term problem. Soon you will complain about how your child is always on their phone, when in fact, you created that bad habit for them. And because they are always on their phone, you will always be on your phone and so will everyone else around you because of how uncomfortable and awkward it is.

It is a shame that now we are all on our phones and the younger ones get blamed for it. It's a shame that some parents use technology to "shut up" their kids. It's a shame technology has taken over our lives.

It's also a shame we, as young adults, are always pointed out for being on their phones long after adults are. It is something that aggravates me beyond belief. Next time someone says to me "you kids are always on your phone" I will politely reply, "and so are you. So let's talk."

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