This is why my sorority defines me

My Sorority Defines Who I Am And I'm So Glad It Does

People say to not let your sorority define who you are as a person, but I am so glad to say that AOII defines who I am.

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I always knew I would come to Jacksonville State University and rush in a sorority. But little did I know that the sorority I would join would represent so much about me. I could have pledged any other sorority on campus, but I felt like the values and principles of Alpha Omicron Pi fit me best.

My sorority, which is alpha omicron pi, was founded on the principles to live, to learn, to lead, and to serve. And I personally feel like each of these principles represents who I am as a person. Thus far I learned that being in a sorority is about way more than parties and status. Sororities are so much more than pink letters and pretty pictures. A sorority is based on values that can help you find people that value the same things you do.

The first principle AOII was founded on is "to live" or a promise to live ambitiously. When I hear ambition I hear setting goals. For me, this means the goals I have set for myself and my pathway to fulfilling them. Let me just tell you, I am a goal setter. Even if it is as simple as setting goals for the next day or even a goal to wake up to my first alarm instead of my seventh - its honestly something I do every day. But when I think of AOII I think of a bigger goal within myself.

Listen to this example, Graduating high school wasn't exactly my goal- becoming a nurse practitioner is my goal; However, graduating high school had to be fulfilled in order to complete that goal. The promise to live ambitiously to me means to set goals and achieve them.

The second principle AOII was founded on is to learn. I personally feel like this is more than just learning from a class. I feel like when AOII says to learn they mean to learn from your past. Something I struggled with at the beginning of my high school years was time management. I would get too caught up in things or in one class that I would forget about all my other classes or activities. I quickly learned that I had to manage my time in order to stay successful.

The third principle AOII was founded on is leading. I can honestly say that I love to lead. If I could print you off my resume and give it to you, you would be shocked. From HOSA to the fellowship of Christian athletes I honestly can say that I was involved in every club in high school. Not only was I involved in these clubs but I was also the presidents or "leaders" over them. During recruitment week, one of the sisters in AOII told me that she could see me as a future president of our AOII chapter. This is one of the main reasons I decided to choose AOII. Not because someone said I could maybe one day be the president, but because they saw me as a leader and trust me with such a high authority.

The last principle AOII was is founded on is service. Serving others is something I hold dear to my heart. Specifically community service. Community service was something I always participated in. I know we all know about the tornado that came through Jacksonville during March. I was one of the first people to volunteer my time. On the contrary to the tornado, I am always involved with others types of community service.

From blood drives to yard sales, to events like "seniors helping seniors" I was always there. Serving people is something that my sorority does as well. We have a philanthropy which is the arthritis foundation. We have many philanthropy events such as strikeout arthritis and the panda palooza 5k.

Though these events are so fun, it is always nice to know that the reason behind them is to help people in need. One of the reasons I decided to go through sorority recruitment was in fact because of community service. I love helping others so it is amazing to know that the people you are surrounding yourself with enjoy it as well.

Sorority life comes with a lot of judgment. And I know that sounds so crazy and I probably sound like a typical sorority girl but Alpha Omicron Pi is my home. People say to not let your sorority define who you are as a person, but I am so glad to say that alpha omicron pi defines who I am.

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