Why My Letters Mean So Much To Me

Being in a sorority to many looks like you are "buying your friends" or "paying for votes on your college campus," but my experience has been a completely different one.

When I went through formal sorority recruitment, I made a promise to myself that I would choose the house who's values line up with mine. Not which house had the biggest house, the most sisters, or the "highest social status on campus," and that's exactly what I found.

When I joined Chi Omega, one of the first things that stuck out to me was the Chi Omega Symphony, the creed by which all sisters mold their lives out of and make a goal to fulfill as a Chi Omega woman. I remember talking to a girl I had known from high school on Preference Night about the symphony and she just pointed out things that she had seen in me and made me feel like I could make Chi O a better place. Little did I know that this special person would eventually become my big and one of the biggest role models in my college career. so yes, my letters are important to me because not only have they given me sisters all over the country, but also words to live by that will make me a better woman. My letters encourage me daily to "live constantly above snobbery of word or deed." They encourage me to "work earnestly, speak kindly and act sincerely." And most importantly as a college student, my letters remind me of why I am here in the first place and to remind me of the woman I am called to me, "to place scholarship above social obligations and character before appearances."

These are just a few lessons my Greek letters instill in me each and every day and I am so blessed to have 200+ girls in my chapter alone to grow with and to see the values come to life in each of my sisters every single day. WE as sisters share a bond in Chi Omega that is indescribable and no one other than us will ever be able to comprehend. Chi Omega has changed my life, and I wouldnt be the young woman I am today without this sisterhood.

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