Why My Leonardo DiCaprio Obsession Is Justified
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Why My Leonardo DiCaprio Obsession Is Justified

Clearly, I’m “never letting go.”

Why My Leonardo DiCaprio Obsession Is Justified

As I sat down and started writing this article, it struck me that this is pretty strange to write about and people will most likely think I’m a huge weirdo. However, it also struck me that I really don’t care. If you know me, you know my obsession with Leo is irrationally real and I’m sure I’m not the only one engulfed in the DiCaprio era. I mean is there anyone who actually doesn’t like Leonardo DiCaprio? Leo has been dominating the film industry basically since I was born and I think I speak for everyone when I say, the past Leo filled 20 years have been nothing short of amazing. This obsession is deeply rooted dating back to 1998 when "Titanic" was the only thing on my TV screen and “my heart will go on” was the anthem of my life. At a mere three years old, Leo had me hooked. Eighteen years later, still haven’t let go. These are just a few of the moments and solid reasons I feel that my overly aggressive Leonardo DiCaprio obsession is justified.

1. Starting with the obvious, look at him.

It seems as though as the years pass, Leo just gets better and better looking. From the long-haired boy of the 90s to the grown man of 2016, not one year has passed where he wasn’t completely gorgeous. There isn’t much else to say, other than the fact that he is just one of the best looking men to exist.

2. His humanitarian efforts are undoubtedly amazing.

Not only is Leo an incredibly gifted actor, he uses his influential platform to change the world. He dedicates much of his life to various humanitarian and philanthropic efforts, commonly focusing on environmental activism. He even started his very own nonprofit foundation, The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation focusing on long-term environmental sustainability. He even bought his own island, solely to turn it into an eco-friendly resort. He truly cares about this planet, even using his first, and well deserved may I mention, Oscar speech to speak about the severity of global warming. This guy cares about this planet and everything on it and it just makes me a bigger fan of him and everything he represents.

3. His tactics for hiding from the paparazzi .

This just kills me and makes me die laughing every time. For such a talented, well distinguished, well-spoken man, Leo has the most interesting and comical tactics for not letting the paps get a good shot. If you’re ever in a bad mood, just google “Leonardo DiCaprio hiding from the paparazzi” and your day will instantly get better.

4. He appreciates the little things, like cookies.

Just look at how happy he was when Girl Scout cookies were given out at the Oscars. I can only hope that one day someone will look at me the way Leo looks at this box of trefoils.

5. He can make fun of himself.

“You do this every year? I wouldn’t know.”

The ongoing joke of Leo being Oscar-less was in full throttle this past year before the 2016 ceremony where he finally got the award he should already have 10 of. When Leo went to get his Oscar engraved he commented that he wouldn’t know how the process goes, cracking a smile about the overdue encounter. He isn’t above anyone to crack a joke about it, and that makes me even happier that he finally got it!

6. Any of his crying scenes.

All it takes is one crying scene from any of his movies to fall in love. Honestly, how could you not?

Tears + his blue eyes = gone.

7. His relationship with Kate Winslet.

I can confidently say I'm not the only one hoping that one day this duo will wake up and realize that they've actually been in love with each other for the past 20 years, but until then their amazing friendship will suffice. A friendship spreading over two decades, Leo and Kate have been the best couple-that-never-was I think Hollywood has ever seen. Supporting each other unconditionally and continuing their close relationship over so many years is one of the best aspects of Leo. Now, I advise everyone still reading to good interviews where these two talk about each other just so you get some validation at how in love they secretly are. Being what looks to be the only consist female in Leo's life, their relationship is so adorable and makes Leo that much better.

8. When he did this.

Never forget when Leo let loose at Coachella and made the crowd his personal dance floor. In the white shirt, he completing geeked out and just went for it. You do you, Leo.

9. He drives a Prius.

Normally, this wouldn't be something depicted as cool but, imagine Leonardo DiCaprio rolling up to his 20 million dollar home in a Prius. This choice of car obviously stems from his environmentally friendly lifestyle and I find it incredibly adorable. This guy can afford any car in the world but chooses to drive a Prius because he cares more about the environment than about his image.

10. He's secretly a cat with 9 lives.

Starting at around 1:50 Leo explains how he's almost died one too many times. In addition to his skydiving malfunction and plane complications, he's also had a near death experience with a great white shark back in 2006. You're one lucky dude Leo.

11. C'mon.

Look how cute he is when he's sad. I would've given him 12 Oscars on the spot just for being sad Leo.

12. His acting is just unreal.

I have to end this list with what I love the most about Leo, his undeniable talent. Leo’s dedication to really identifying with the role he’s portraying continuously shines through each of his films. He really is so incredibly talented and one of, if not the best actor of our generation. I can sit here and list all the amazing performances he’s had over the years and how much I love his movies but that could take a while. Instead, let’s mention the one filming incident that I think truly represents his ability as an actor. Never forget in "Django Unchained" when Leo accidentally severely cut his hand while hitting a table, but ignored it and continued to improve the scene with his real blood gushing everywhere. Without even a flinch, just a simple glance at his injury, he continued to film and improvise one of the best scenes of the entire movie. When interviewed about the incident, Leo explained how the cast and crew around him, including Jamie Foxx and Quentin Tarantino were in complete shock and awe over how he carried himself through the scene.

Who does that? Leo does.

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