Why My Dog Is The Only Guy I Need
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Why My Dog Is The Only Guy I Need

I am a dog lady and I'm proud.

Why My Dog Is The Only Guy I Need
Ella Rivera

Dogs. They are more than just an extension of our human families; they’re more than just a “pet.” For a lot of us, they have been a part of our lives since we were young, potty training at the same time. We loved them when we were little, dressing them up, making them play pretend with us, pushing them around in strollers, struggling to pick them up as we realized they were growing. Then, we started to take them for granted, as we got too involved in our lives in middle school and high school. They were a fluffy thing that left hair on all of our clothing, but we never took the time to appreciate all that they were meant for. And it wasn’t until we got to college that we truly realized how important and special they were. We never expected to miss them as much as we did, but if you’re like me, you might miss them whenever you walk out of the door.

Our dogs are there through the good and the bad, and they’ve definitely seen us at our worst. They have been there when you have walked in completely washed up from a stressful day and have put their heads in your lap as you realized you didn’t have the strength to get off the floor. When you have cried, they’ve licked your tears away and they have rested their bodies against yours in their version of a hug. They’ve rejoiced with you when you received your college acceptance letters or news of you making that team or getting that role. Most importantly, we have realized how much are dogs are there for us when people simply aren’t. To be more specific, our dogs were there for us when guys broke our hearts. Our dogs were there for us when that guy who made those promises broke them. Simply put, my dog will always trump boys.

Never has there been a time when I have had to ask my dog to cuddle with me. He keeps me warm without complaining that his arms are falling asleep. He has a genuine longing to just feel me next to him, knowing that we are communicating, from human to dog.

My dog is always excited to see me, especially when it has been extremely long periods of time. I live for those college break reunions. Knowing that you have been missed by this loving, beautiful animal is sometimes the only thing you need. Who needs some human to have empty words of “I miss you?"

My dog is a wonderful listener. The amount of times that consist of vent sessions with my furry friend are uncountable. And you know what? He never judges me for what I have to say. He never gets irritated with my rants. He sits there with an unspoken understanding and a compassion for whatever I am dealing with or going through. And please, I already know he is thinking “That bi***!” and “Girl, you are so much better off without him.”

To sum it up, my dog is one of the most precious things in my life. I FaceTime him, I kiss him, I have stupid pet names for him (no pun intended), I talk to him in a silly voice, and I can call him my best friend. I'm not sure what I will do when he isn’t around anymore, except thank God that I have had the pleasure of encountering such a beautiful soul. I intend on living a life with as many dogs as possible, and if any man has a problem with that, the joke is on him, because my dog is all I need.

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