Why My Dad Is Superman
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Why My Dad Is Superman

The man who really can do it all.

Why My Dad Is Superman
Alexa Campbell

There's something to be said for the bond a little girl has with her father. If she's lucky, a little girl's dad will be her whole world. The only man she needs, her shoulder to lean on, or even her shoulders to sit on (until about the age of 8 or 9, of course). To her, he's superman.

But move over Clark Kent, because you don't stand a chance against my dad.

As I've gotten older, I've gained a deeper understanding of just how much my dad does for my family. Of all his amazing qualities, his work ethic is unmatched. Aside from his family, Bruce Springsteen and the Philadelphia Eagles, he is passionate about work. And he works hard. As a salesman, his job description involves an airplane food diet and an excessive amount of jet lag, so it's a wonder he isn't sick all the time.

Despite his rigorous travel schedule throughout my childhood, I genuinely have no memory that lacks him. He was there for it all—every soccer game, every recital, and every Sunday dinner. He was there to tuck me in every night and read our favorite bed time story, "Guess How Much I Love You," with a quote in it that later became our mantra, "I love you to the moon and back."

Even if it meant taking a red-eye from California to make it home, I could always count on him to come home and tell me how he loves me to the moon and back. And I still can.

It's remarkable to see my dad's selflessness shine through his everyday actions. He will drive an hour in the middle of the night if I call him to pick me up. If I stay out late hours of the night but find a ride home, he is asleep on the couch because he just couldn't go up to bed until he knew I was safe and sound. The list goes on.

I often take it for granted. For me, having superman-dad was the norm. But being away at college, I understand the void my dad fills with his presence, and it's forced me to reflect on my life and all he does for me. Even finding the right words to express my feelings toward my hero is so difficult. I'm not entirely sure what I did to be blessed with such an amazing person not only in my life, but who gave me life.

When I was young, I would stand tall on my dad's shoulders with my chin up proud to tell the world that he was my dad. I was the epitome of "daddy's little girl." And who are we kidding? I still am.

Dad-–when you read this, know your love is nothing short of a miracle to me. I love you endlessly, I appreciate you beyond words, and no amount of characters could embody how lucky I am to call you my dad (I seriously struggled to find the right words and to hold back tears on this one). To the moon and back, and back again.

To Marvel- if you need a new idea for your next superhero movie, feel free to contact me.

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