10 Times Moe's Proved To Be Superior To Chipotle

10 Times Moe's Proved To Be Superior To Chipotle

Queso. That is all.


There's always been a debate on which one is better. Moe's or Chipotle? Some will say Chipotle is better, but I don't. Moe's is way better, but that's just my opinion. I mean, the queso alone is just heaven in a bowl. Not to mention, the nachos are BOMB. You may disagree with me, but I'll always rank Moe's over Chipotle. Here's why.

1. Their social media team is pretty great

2. Honesty is the best virtue, right?

3. Queso

4. Salsa bar

5. "Welcome to Moe's"

6. Free Queso Day

7. The food

8. The music

9. Nachos

10. Deals on the app

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5 Breakfast Foods That Can Actually Help You Lose Weight

Did you know that eating breakfast every day can actually help you in your weight loss journey?


You heard it from your mom and your doctor, you read it on every dietary guideline poster pasted on the walls of your elementary school cafeteria growing up... Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! So why do so many people still skip it? I can't speak for everyone, but in the dieting world, there is a stigma around the idea that the fewer calories one eats in a day the better. Therefore it isn't uncommon to see people who are watching their weight opt for a black coffee in the morning rather than reaching for any actual food.

On the flip side, maybe you LOVE breakfast! Maybe it's your favorite meal of the day! Unfortunately, you might be going a little bit overboard on the calorie load for first thing in the morning, and you might also be choosing the wrong kinds of foods that lead to sluggishness and sugar crashes by early afternoon. Don't worry, this article is for you too. You don't have to give up your favorite meal of the day in order to accomplish your weight loss goals, just simply adjust it.

The deeper we look into the way that our bodies actually work and function, the more clear it becomes that skipping breakfast can actually harm weight loss goals just as much as eating too big of one. Breakfast helps to control the cravings that cause us to make poor decisions later on in the day regarding portion size and health quality of food. Additionally, many studies show that there are healthy breakfast choices out there that will actually jumpstart your metabolism when consumed, allowing your body to burn more calories throughout the day than it would have if it was left empty.

So, breakfast-eater or not, you may want to consider modifying your morning routine to incorporate some of these healthy choices listed below.

1. Oatmeal

Morning oats are loaded with a unique fiber called beta-glucan which promotes a feeling of fullness and as an added bonus is known for reducing cholesterol levels. Especially if you're a morning cereal eater, you should consider switching over to oatmeal for a lower sugar option that will keep your energy up for longer and make you feel satisfied more quickly. If you tend to find yourself in a time crunch in the morning, try overnight oats which will allow you to actually prepare your breakfast the night before so all you have to do is open up the fridge and grab them on your way out the door.

Try this easy, healthy Overnight Oat Recipe.

2. Eggs

Eggs are loaded with protein and healthy fats which have been proven to keep you feeling full for longer, while also keeping insulin levels in check, therefore, reducing overeating at the next meal. As an added benefit, the omega-3s found in the yolk of the egg can help encourage stabilized moods and may improve risk factors for heart disease. What else is great about eggs?

There are hundreds of different ways to eat them which means you can get as elaborate as your heart desires, or keep it simple with the perfect hard boiled egg.

3. Berries 

Whether you're tossing them in a smoothie or eating them plain, berries are a low-calorie breakfast option loaded with fiber which will keep your digestive system working, and vitamins that will reap their benefits throughout your entire body. For glowing skin and a satisfied tummy, add a cup of fresh or frozen berries to your morning routine.

4. Greek Yogurt 

Greek yogurt, with a higher protein and lower sugar content than regular yogurt, will keep you feeling full, help build lean muscle, and support a healthy bacteria level in your gut. Greek yogurt is also high in calcium increasing bone health. Try eating it plain, adding it to a smoothie, or topping it with granola and berries and served parfait style.

5. Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are high in calories which is why so many dieting guides warn against them. The trick is to make sure you aren't going overboard on your portion sizes. As long as you're eating the correct amount (check this portion guide), these are some of the most wholesome and beneficial foods out there. It's better to stick with whole nuts and seeds rather than reaching for the butter. Nut butters often have extra oils, sugars, and other unnecessary additives hiding in them. Pre-measure out your portions and keep them in baggies to grab on the way out the door, or toss them on top of your oatmeal or yogurt to create a heartier meal.

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5 Eateries Around Rutgers New Brunswick To Feed Your Inner Foodie

Rutgers has helped me open my horizons when it comes to food.


In the realm of food, Rutgers New Brunswick has an enormous amount of places to pick from. College is the time for new experiences and the diversity at Rutgers helps people discover new foods that they thought they would never try before. Here are some of my favorite places around campus.

1. Henry's Diner

Henry's Diner is located on Livingston campus and has such a great vibe to it. Eating there feels like you're eating at a local diner in your hometown. The people who work there are extremely kind and there are so many choices to pick from. I had a portobello mushroom and steak panini which was really good.

2. Noodle Gourmet

Some members of a club and I went to Noodle Gourmet for dinner and the service was fast. Although the place is small, the staff tries their best to accommodate for the size of the group. I am very picky about bubble tea, but the bubble tea here was great. I recommend the mango bubble tea.

3. KBG Korean Barbecue and Grill

KBG was a place I always went to in high school during the model congress and UN conferences held nearby. You get to pick what goes into your meal and the prices are very reasonable. I always get the LA style bowl, which comes with chicken and rice. There is also bubble tea in the restaurant which tastes amazing.

4. Mamoun's

We had Mamoun's at a meeting and it was definitely a new experience for me. I never had falafel before and it was a pleasant experience. I always walked past it and never thought about going in, but I will definitely go back and try some more new food.

5. La Bagel

Although it's quite out of the way, La Bagel is one of the best breakfast spots in the area. New Jersey has the best bagels and La Bagel represents that well. The prices are great and the staff is very friendly.

I am an extremely picky eater and I always stick to the same order when going out to eat at restaurants. Rutgers has helped me open my horizons when it comes to food. This list only encompasses the tip of the iceberg and there are so many other places to eat at.

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