How Struggling In Math Class Has Affected Me

Ever since I was young, I have always hated math. It all started with multiplication timetables back in elementary school. I remember being extremely anxious trying to complete all the problems before the time ran out. As middle school came along, I got assigned to a special math class and had my study hall taken away just so I could spend extra time learning the concepts.

Throughout my life, I struggled to click with my math teachers. I have always been someone who loves English. I felt it was my thing and I am still very close to some of my English teachers from high school. But math, on the other hand, was a different story. It was more of a self-imposed embasement that if I couldn't perform well in my math class, then my teacher was going to hate me. Well, middle school me was wrong as no teacher wants to hate their students or see them fail.

When high school came along, I had chosen to take Algebra 1, the first level of math (also, a class most people take in eighth grade). Well, I ended up getting a C- and was told by my school that I could retake the class and expunge the grade. Thankfully, I did and ended up getting a B the second time I took Algebra 1.

Then sophomore year came along, and to say the least, geometry has never been nor will never be my subject. I achieved the lowest grade possible throughout my academic career, which brought my GPA down tremendously. This was a very defining point for me; I decided that I strongly disliked math.

For those of you that have struggled with math (and it has affected your life in more ways then it should), you understand where I am coming from. When it came down to taking the SATs junior year, I did well with the reading and writing portion, but when it came down to the math portion, I would freeze and not know what to do. Eventually, when it came down to applying to colleges, I realized that my options were limited due to my math grades.

For those of you that are good at math, I say take advantage of it. If I could major in something STEM-based, I would.

Also, know that just because someone isn't the best at one subject does NOT mean they are dumb.

Try and remember that we all have our strengths and differences.

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