Why I Love Thursday

Why I Love Thursday

A love letter to my favorite day.

Thursday, oh, Thursday, just one day from Friday, and the excitement and anticipation is so, so real. If I can make it through good ole Thursday, I'm a true champion. Thursday, I know no one gives you the praise or credit you deserve, but I appreciate you for you. Friday in all its glory always takes the spotlight, but you're the truest of them all. Forget Hump Day! Of course, no one likes Mondays, and Saturdays are for the boys; however, it's Thursday that is my truest homie.

Thursday motivates to me to accomplish sh*t like no other day can — I'm more productive because the weekend is just around the corner. Thank you, Thursday, for always having my back. Thanks for being a true supporter when I think all my class assignments are going to kill me; you continuously help me make it through the week. Thank you, Thursday, for kicking my butt and telling me I'm the greatest at the same time. I know people give you a lot of crap because you're not over-hyped like the halfway point Wednesday, and you surely don't get the attention of Friday and its parties, late night pizza and confetti. They have called you Almost Friday and Friday Jr., but I'll call you by name, Thursday. Thank you, Thursday for treating me right even when I went to bed way past the P.M. Thursday, I love you because when it's 2 a.m. and the voice inside my head is telling me to go to sleep and just wake up early to finish studying, you motivate me to make it through. Little Thursday, you are the only one who knows there's no way I'll ever wake up to complete my studying. Thank you, Thursday, for always being real with me and for everything you do. Here's to you... Cheers to the freakin’ Thursday!


The college freshman who made it through her first semester (all because of you)

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7 Ways Schools can Improve Parental Engagement

Enhancing parental engagement

Are you struggling with effective ways towards increasing the overall parental engagement in your school? The schools and educational institutes in the modern times are under the great pressure to enhance the overall engagement of the students and their respective parents in order to qualify for offering the highest quality of education. There are several benefits of keeping the parents involved in the lives of their respective children in schools. 

As an educational institute, when you are able to establish a good relationship and a level of immense trust with parents, it ensures seamless communication in case of any problem. The lessons taught at the schools are more likely to be enforced at the students’ homes. This can ensure the completion of all the homework and assignments at home itself. Moreover, it also gives the parents more access to the educational institutes in case they have any personal query. 

Owing to the myriad of benefits for effective parental engagement in schools, here are some productive ways of implementing the same:

1. Utilize Technology: Technology can serve to be an effective medium of increasing the overall parental engagement with the schools and students. Technological applications like mobile apps can function to be a form of a private communication platform that is able to streamline the overall communication between the parents and the schools through messages, emails, calls, and other methods. 

As an educational institute, if you are looking forward to enhancing the given parental engagement, then you can reach out to https://parentapps.co.uk/mobile-apps-for-schools/. Here, you can come across a range of highly innovative school apps that come loaded with advanced features for both primary as well as secondary schools. The mobile apps developed by https://parentapps.co.uk/mobile-apps-for-schools/ feature some high-end specifications including PDF documents, events, push notifications, social media, school blogs, and others to enhance the process of parental engagement in schools.

2. Understand the Process of Communication: Effective parental engagement doesn’t always call for talking to parents on a constant basis on the email or phone. It also doesn’t imply speaking about only wrong things on such meetings with the parents. It only implies letting the parents know all about that is happening around in the classroom with greater involvement. There are several ways of establishing the process of communication which might include emails, chatting, calls. Additionally, some advanced forms of communication might include the use of some school-parent apps that are able to communicate the day-to-day report or assessment of the respective students. 

3. Ask for More Time: As a school or any educational institute, it must be the responsibility of the concerned organization towards requesting for more time from the parents in order to engage well in the given system. For any school or teacher, effective time management is of utmost importance. There is never enough time to complete all the prescribed tasks in any educational institute within a day. For establishing a stronger connection between the parents and the school system, contributing ample time from both the ends is highly important. 

Speaking with confidence or firmly at the given staff or faculty meetings, requesting for some additional time on a weekly or monthly basis can help initiate healthy communication amongst the parents and the school system. This will strengthen the overall relationship between all of the given involved parties including teachers, students, and the parents. 

4. Enhance Professional Development: For the schools and other educational institutes, it is vital to understand the importance of the parents in being full support of the classroom and the overall education system. For this, organization of some kind of professional development over certain topics related to the education system is vital. The school systems appreciate the thing about parents going to a particular conference on the given subject on the assumption that you might return and thus, promote the gained knowledge to others.

In case some kind of professional development session is not possible in the given education system, then you can speak it out with the principal or head of the given institute to think of some other lucrative way of presenting the session all by yourself. 

5. Ensure the Positivity: If you have had bad experiences in the past times, then do not let the same destroy the potential of some healthier communication between the organization and the parents. There are instances of parents who are overly active when it comes to dealing with the respective students and the given education system. As such, it becomes important to set proper limits with the parents while enhancing the overall parental engagement. By establishing proper limits before any meeting with parents, and offering general information about the class presentation or class through the blogs can decrease the expectations of the parents with respect to the given time. 

6. Encourage Proper Two-Way Communication: If you have already established a proper communication with the parents with the help of some school or class apps, it is important to take your communication to another level. The most common form of the parent-teacher interaction is the engagement of the parents along with presenting a proper report. As such, you can ask the parents to encourage towards giving proper responses, asking relevant questions, and becoming more engaged at the given parents-teachers meetings. 

As for the given report, you should consider providing the parents with an option of some kind of casual meeting for enhancing a more detailed discussion. For the children who are making ample progress, the parents should realize the potential ways of discussing their future progress with the teachers. 

7. Offer Communication in an Approachable Manner: Now that you have organized several events, it is important to present the relevant information in some approachable manner. Try sending important information to the parent’s knowledge through emails, texts, a letter, or even via some mobile apps. This can boost the overall parents’ engagement with the given education system in an effective manner.

Initiate the healthy and positive ways of enhancing parental engagement in the current education system!

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To The People Who Show Up Late To Class After Getting Coffee

Why would you spend time waiting in line for coffee when you know it is time for class?

I must admit that your kind had long been a mystery to me. I would watch you stride into class late and saunter to your seat, all with a full hot (or iced) coffee in hand. Why, I wondered, would you spend time waiting in line at Starbucks when you knew that you had to make it to class?

It is common for students to show up late every once in a while. Making small mistakes like that is human nature. Sometimes an alarm doesn't go off, there's an accident on the road, or a previous class ends late. These are all understandable reasons to fall off schedule. To show up late holding your freshly brewed coffee, though, is another story.

Every time I saw someone disrupt the class in such a way, I would mentally shake my head in dismay. The way that they justified showing up late to get coffee is something I thought I would never be able to understand.

That is until that person almost became me.

It was a Tuesday morning. I had woken up bright and early to get work done before my 9:30 a.m. class. Although I do not like coffee, I thought that some caffeine might come in handy to help me push through the busy day ahead. About forty minutes before class, I used an app called Tapingo to order a drink that I would pick up at a library on the way there. At least, that was the plan.

I showed up at the library well after my order was supposed to be complete. Alas, my iced white mocha was not prepared. Minutes ticked by and class time approached. My conscious grew conflicted-- do I head straight to class or wait just one more minute to get what I paid for?

Just as I decided to leave, my name was called, and I picked up my drink. I made it to class, but it was a close call. I was so close to becoming one of the students that I had never before imagined I could become.

While I used to draw conclusions and make judgments of such students, I now understand why I was wrong. The choice between caffeine and class is a difficult one. To those of you who think the way I used to, I advise you not to so harshly judge the latecomers. You never know-- that kid who walks into class late with his coffee could someday be you.

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