Thursday, oh, Thursday, just one day from Friday, and the excitement and anticipation is so, so real. If I can make it through good ole Thursday, I'm a true champion. Thursday, I know no one gives you the praise or credit you deserve, but I appreciate you for you. Friday in all its glory always takes the spotlight, but you're the truest of them all. Forget Hump Day! Of course, no one likes Mondays, and Saturdays are for the boys; however, it's Thursday that is my truest homie.

Thursday motivates to me to accomplish sh*t like no other day can — I'm more productive because the weekend is just around the corner. Thank you, Thursday, for always having my back. Thanks for being a true supporter when I think all my class assignments are going to kill me; you continuously help me make it through the week. Thank you, Thursday, for kicking my butt and telling me I'm the greatest at the same time. I know people give you a lot of crap because you're not over-hyped like the halfway point Wednesday, and you surely don't get the attention of Friday and its parties, late night pizza and confetti. They have called you Almost Friday and Friday Jr., but I'll call you by name, Thursday. Thank you, Thursday for treating me right even when I went to bed way past the P.M. Thursday, I love you because when it's 2 a.m. and the voice inside my head is telling me to go to sleep and just wake up early to finish studying, you motivate me to make it through. Little Thursday, you are the only one who knows there's no way I'll ever wake up to complete my studying. Thank you, Thursday, for always being real with me and for everything you do. Here's to you... Cheers to the freakin’ Thursday!


The college freshman who made it through her first semester (all because of you)