10 Reasons Why I Wear Dresses
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10 Reasons Why I Wear Dresses

A dress has always been my strongest suit.

10 Reasons Why I Wear Dresses

I’ve been a dress enthusiast ever since I was little. I was the girl in elementary and middle school who only wore skorts (I had six of them, three orange and three pink. We bought them in bulk at Costco before every school year, and I thought I was the coolest kid on the playground -- and, let’s be honest, I probably was), and I’m the girl that you’ll find in class wearing some sort of dress or skirt. Because of my dress obsession, I constantly get asked the same five questions:

Q: Don’t you ever get cold?

A: I’m from Minnesota. We don’t believe in getting cold.

Q: Do you ever wear pants?

A: Rarely.

Q: Where do you buy all of your dresses?

A: Where do you buy all of your pants? Chances are we buy our outfits at the same place.

Q: Do you ever get sick of wearing dresses?

A: Would you do something every day if you were sick of it? Probably not.

Q: Why do you always wear dresses?

A: Well, complete stranger, grab some popcorn and gather around your brightly lit computer screen. Here are 10 reasons why I choose to let my legs breathe and wear dresses every day.

1. I look like I put in effort whenever I wear dresses, but really I am just too lazy to put on more than one article of clothing.

2. I can go from drab to fab in less than 10 minutes.

3. Which means I get to sleep in because I can just slip on a dress and go.

4. When I twirl, I look like a Disney princess.

(You can also do this in pants, but I guarantee you it’s not as fun and I will look cooler than you.)

5. Whether you’re curvy, skinny, bumpy, athletic or something in between, you’re going to look good in a dress.

6. Because dresses fit even on the days when I’m bloated, I never have to take the time out of my day to stretch them out like you do with jeans.

7. I never have to worry about my butt crack being exposed.

8. Pants are the worst.

9. It's an instant mood booster when I get complimented on my dresses.

10. When I’m in a dress, I feel confident and beautiful and like I can conquer the world.

In the end, choose whatever is comfortable and makes you feel confident. If that’s a t-shirt and jeans, fabulous. If that’s a fake fox tail and cat ears, go right ahead. If it means that you wear a prom dress with your hair all done up, I will fully support you. You do you.

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