Why Lorelai Gilmore Was So Right About Snow
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Why Lorelai Gilmore Was So Right About Snow

Only slightly addicted to this show.

Why Lorelai Gilmore Was So Right About Snow

If you've binge-watched Gilmore Girlsenough times like I have (going on time #8, not that I'm counting or anything), you notice certain themes. Obviously, the girls love coffee and go to Friday night dinners and eat nearly every meal at Luke's, but something I've been thinking about around this time of year is Lorelai's love for the snow.

A few weekends ago, it started snowing on a Sunday night. That night, I strolled around my college campus, the street lights glowing against the white of the snow, and I have never A) felt more connected to Lorelai (Okay, that's probably a lie. My coffee addiction is off the charts.) and B) seen something so magical. As a lifelong North Easterner, winter, and snow, means shoveling, slow driving, and a whole lot of annoying. The negatives outweigh the positives big time.

However, that night, it was nothing short of absolute magic. The snow was light, like flour, lightly coating the sidewalk and the cars, and glistening like fairy dust in every direction. I was in a fairytale and I didn't want it to end. Normally, standing outside in the snow, no matter how light, is not on the top of my to-do list. Sure, I'll sit inside, stare out the window, basking in the warmth of central heating, and praying my car isn't buried by morning.

This night was different, though. It was life changing. I felt at peace standing under the street lights, watching the snowflakes find their new home on the ground next to my feet. I didn't mind that my hair felt frozen, or that my fingers were growing numb by the second. I felt nostalgic, thinking of all those nights as a kid when I'd press my nose up against the glass of the window in my living room, watching the snow come down against the glare of the street light, hoping and wishing and praying there'd be enough by morning to warrant a snow day.

Lorelai always believed something good would come from the snow. And it usually did. Her best birthday. Her first kiss. Rory's first steps. All happened in the snow. For years and years, she expects good things to happen in the snow, and for years and years, they do. Maybe that's the attitude we all need. Sure, snow slows us down and makes things a little more complicated. It gets in the way of our day-to-day routine. But it's also beautiful and magical and has the power to bring you on a nostalgia trip in under 10 seconds flat. Maybe if we start associating the snow with good things, it'll bring good things.

Maybe I'm a little too obsessed with Gilmore Girls. Either way, I'll go with it.

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