Why looks mean NOTHING

Our bodies are temporary; think of them as cars. They take us places, they allow us to move and experience things. Not a lot of people think about this but one day, our cars will run out of fuel. You couldn't even tempt me with the most physically attractive male walking on this planet as we speak because he'll be dead one day. And I don't want to make out with someone's lifeless lips. I want to make out with someone's immortal soul. I need that everlasting spark for eternity. When we are attracted to people for their exterior appearance, we are committing the egotistical act of lust (which I have been guilty of in the past). Lust is correlated to the eyes and the genitals. Lust says "I want to get you into bed with me". Lust is temporary. Love is correlated to the heart and the seven chakras. Love is unconditional and looks past the outer completely. Love unconditionally says "I accept you for your faults, your imperfections and your insecurities". Love is forever. I think a lot of people don't understand the difference between lust and love. I think that people don't remember that outer appearances fade, but the soul shall always remain. When you leave this earth, your lifeless body of flesh will be left here for the worms to feast upon. But your soul, your true self, will travel upwards to be judged for how beautiful it really was (or wasn't).

Now, that isn't to say that you shouldn't take care of yourself. No one on earth is outwardly ugly! It's all a matter of presenting yourself. If you're overweight, lose weight to be healthy! If you think your teeth are much too crooked, get braces if you like! Have great style but most importantly, have a great attitude and send off good positive vibes into this world with your words, actions and demeanor.

Sure, I'd rather be a Mustang than a Prius, but both cars still have the same type of gas inside. And both cars will turn to dust in the end.

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