Reasons Why It's Worth Living In Wisconsin
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Reasons Why It's Worth Living In Wisconsin

In case you haven't realized or have forgotten how incredible Wisconsin truly is.

Reasons Why It's Worth Living In Wisconsin

I'm sure most people living in Wisconsin can agree that our state isn't exactly known as the "coolest" state. I mean let's face it – we don'thave Disney World, we don'thave the Grand Canyon, and our state is basically a frozen tundra for a majority of the year. And to most people, the first thing they think about when they hear the word, "Wisconsin" is cheese.


I don't know about you, but I don't want the rest of the world thinking the only thing we're good for is cheese. So I'm writing this article to show other people what Wisconsin really does have to offer and I'm also writing this to remind people living in Wisconsin how cool we really are. Because sometimes when you've gone your whole life being called a "cheese-head", it can be pretty tough to remember. Here are

1. June, July, and August

If you've never been to Wisconsin during these three months, then wow are you missing out! Don't get me wrong, Wisconsin is definitely still a tundra, but it's these few months of summer that make living here worth it. Here in Wisconsin, we suffer through months of snow, slush, and rain but then we're blessed with three months of pure heaven. We never take the good weather for granted and our entire state turns into an oasis for the summer. You can spend your Wisconsin summers enjoying the outdoors by camping, biking, swimming, sailing, hiking, and just soaking up the sun (while we have it!). Although Florida's weather can be very beautiful, I've learned over time that Wisconsin holds a secret beauty that many are unaware of. I think I'd take the few months of Wisconsin's summers over Florida's sun any day. [rebelmouse-proxy-image crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1 original_size="1x1"]

2. The Green Bay Packers

Enough said, am I right? But seriously, when it comes to football, Wisconsin knows what's up. Our team kills it and our fans are some of the most dedicated, supportive, and enthusiastic fans out there. Not many people truly hate the Packers. They have a reputation for being a solid team, with a good-guy coach and down-to-earth, blue-collar vibe. A lot of people hate the Patriots, Ravens, Steelers, and Cowboys, but the Packers are universally likable. Or, at least tolerable.

3. Fall

When Fall rolls around every year in Wisconsin, it's the picture-perfect season. Our Falls are what people from other parts of the country hear about and see in movies, TV shows, and pictures. We have the gorgeous red and orange leaves, the perfectly chilly weather, the cozy sweaters, the warm campfires, and the amazing pumpkin patches. As beautiful as Wisconsin Summers are, our Falls can be just as stunning.

4. We Have Snow on Christmas

Again, Wisconsin is picture perfect when it comes to Christmas. Snow on Christmas is what everyone imagines. There's nothing like waking up on Christmas morning and seeing a fresh layer of snow completely covering the ground. I've always said that Wisconsin would be perfect if it snowed only in December.

5. Summerfest

What's better than a giant musical festival right downtown, featuring tons of your favorite musicians? A few other things you can find at Summerfest are outstanding food, amazing gifts and merchandise for sale, and unforgettable people. For most people I know, you finally get that genuine feeling of "wow, it's summer!" when the festivals and fairs start up. Every summer I make it mandatoryto head down for Summerfest. If you've never been to Summerfest before I would definitely consider checking it out at some point. Always remember to "smile more!"

6. Wisconsin State Fair

Speaking of festivals and fairs, we can not forget about our very own state fair! At the Wisconsin state fair you can find rides, games, entertainment, and award winning recipes, animals, and artwork. You can alsofind a largeselection of food (name any food, and we've probably got it deep fried and on a stick!)

7. Cities Such as Door County, Cedarburg, and Lake Geneva

Again, if you've never visited any of these cities, I would consider making it a priority. Wisconsin has so many cities that are hidden gems and have so much to offer the state's visitors and residents.

I'm writing this article in case you haven't realized or have forgotten how incredible Wisconsin truly is. Believe me, I only listed a few of Wisconsin's beautiful features because I want you to discover the rest for yourself! If you don't live in Wisconsin, I strongly encourage you to visit us here! And if you dolive in Wisconsin, then start to truly appreciate the state you live in. I know it can be pretty hard for us "cheese-heads" living in this frozen tundra called Wisconsin, but I believe that it is beyond worth it- and I hope that you will realize that too.

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