Why I like to go to festivals sober

Why I like to go to festivals sober

Why you should give it a try

It's that time again folks! The spring and summer festivals begin full of glitter, face paint, costumes, loud music, psychedelic art, and drugs. I have nothing against any of those things, in fact, I think festivals are great fun, but I like to experience them in a different way than many.

Festivals are in many ways a place to connect with others, express yourself creatively, and have a good time. Many people think that doing drugs will enhance their connection, creativity, and experience, but I don't feel the same way. Sure, drugs can certainly do those things, but is it really connection, or a chance to escape?

I believe we can enhance our experience without drugs by being happy with our choices, and appreciating what we have. I like to go to festivals sober because I enjoy making connections, being creative, having experiences, and making the most of it as I am. Is that to say I will never go to a festival and have a drink? No. Generally speaking however, I prefer to be in a clear, conscious, and sober state.

Why you may ask? Well, aside from what I have mentioned above, a part of my feels like pure consciousness itself in those environments. I am observing hundreds of people experiencing a completely different reality than my own. Though that is always the case because everyones reality and life is different, I feel even more aware of my state of being, and that of others. I'm sure one could say that's what drugs do for them, but I like to get high off life.

Another reason I like to go to festivals sober is because of how much better and energetic I feel the next day. Instead of having to rush to the bottle to cure the hangover, or do drugs to get my energy back, I can wake up and start my day with a clear mind. Also, I can't even imagine the comedown after the festival is over having put all of those toxins in my body.

I have nothing against those who choose to go down that path, and have those experiences, for I think everyone does what is right for them in that moment, and everything can have its benefits. That being said, if you haven't yet experienced a festival sober, I encourage you to do so. Not so that you can be sober, but so you can experience something in a way that may take you out of your comfort zone, yet still bring you joy. Don't be afraid to do something different. There will always be another festival.

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4 Shows To Watch To Become A More Sex-Positive Person

There is almost always something to learn about sexuality, and it is always important--even when something seems strange--to listen, try to understand, and accept it.

We all know why it’s not okay to call a woman a slut or something similar, and even in jest how calling a friend a slut can be harmful. We know that it’s not okay to impose ridiculous dress codes on women and girls, as a response to men who are unable to conduct themselves professionally. We all know about the double standard that exists for the sex lives of men compared to the sex lives of women or of other humans who identify differently.

This all falls under the category of what's called sex-shaming. Sex-shaming also includes the reinforcement of harmful heteronormative stereotypes, or the intent to make a person feel shame for their sexual activities. There is almost always something to learn about sexuality, and it is always important--even when something seems strange--to listen, try to understand, and accept it regardless of whether you're able to understand it. Even if you find yourself unable to understand, that's okay, as long as you can remember that your individual experience is not universal, and just because you don't feel a certain way doesn't mean that no one else does or should.

Sex-shaming is everything that sex positivity is not. And sex-shaming is great at hiding itself in everyday conversation. It often comes in the form of heteronormativity, which is the perpetuation of traditional monogamous heterosexual relationships. Sex-shaming lives in the places where it’s assumed okay for two women to have a close friendship but not for a woman and a man to have a close friendship. It lives in the places where married men won't eat dinner alone with women, like our Vice President. It lives in the places where people cringe at the idea of open relationships, or diverse sexualities. Because of the traditional way that our society is structured, it often requires effort to think outside of the sex-shaming and heteronormative structures that are built into our daily lives.

Here are some entertaining ways to cultivate sex positivity:

1. Watch "Broad City"

"Broad City" is a show about two young women living in New York City. It provides an unfiltered perspective of what it is like to be a confident and sexually active woman.

2. Listen to "Savage Lovecast" with Dan Savage

"Savage Lovecast" is essentially a sex advice column in the form of a podcast. There is a free, new episode every week, which starts off with one of Dan's political rants. Then Dan will listen to callers and respond to their questions about sex and love in a judgement-free and sex-positive manner.

3. Watch "Bojack Horseman" on Netflix

"Bojack Horseman" is an animated Netflix original series. It pairs humor with existential dread. But the most sex-positive part of the show lies within the character Todd, who (spoiler alert), comes out as asexual at the end of Season four.

4. Watch "Big Mouth" on Netflix

"Big Mouth" is another hilarious animated Netflix original series that explores puberty so honestly that it's almost painful to watch. It leaves nothing out, which makes it relatable. At the same time, that means it consistently reminds the viewer that thinking about sex is completely normal and not something to be ashamed of.

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Fun Ideas for Big/Little Gifts

Treat Your Little Good


These can seem daunting, but if you aren't the artistic type, the key is tracing! Plus, your little will love the customized art you create especially for her!

2. Food

This is probably the easiest thing to give, and who doesn't love a bag of their favorite snack/candy? It's always a winner!

3. Sorority themed gifts

This can range from letter shirts, to hats, jewelry, customized letters, etc. It's always fun to get more things to rep your sorority!

4. Treat yo self day

Make a day with stuff for your little to treat herself! This can have face masks, nail polish, her favorite movie, bath bombs, etc.

5. Wine/shot glasses

This does not have to promote alcohol lol. Fill them with candy or other fun things! And decorate the glasses with paint to make them customized!

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