5 Reasons Laine Hardy Should Win 'American Idol' This Time Around

5 Reasons Laine Hardy Should Win 'American Idol' This Time Around

He's a gift from heaven.


I was watching "American Idol" last season (the first season with Luke, Katy, and Lionel) and in walks this backwoods Louisiana kid who sings "Hurricane" by The Band of Heathens. His voice was different and I loved it. To see him not win last year was a bummer — until he walked in to play guitar for a friend and easily walked away with a ticket.

But there's more to him than his voice, and here are the five reasons he should win "American Idol":

1. His Voice

Yes, I was just talking about his voice is what won me over for him last season. A lot of the contestants had common voices that you hear often whether in church, a coffee shop, or a bar. Laine Hardy has a raspy, scratchy, old country voice. This generation needs someone to bring back the old days with his voice and with reason number two.

2. His Song Choices

An important key to his success on "Idol" has been his song choices. These songs truly show off his vocal talent and most are fitting of his unique sound. As previously stated in his season one audition Laine sang "Hurricane" by The Band of Heathens and his voice sounded better fitting to the song than the original singer. Yes, I am continuing on with reason one because with his voice you can't just sing any song but the songs you can sing add so much more depth and sound. Some songs have been out of his normal selection and he has soared through the challenges he's faced, each song sounding amazing with his flair added. As for "The Weight" by The Band awe man does he kill that song with his raspiness and acoustic sound.

3. He’s a Louisiana Kid

From the moment we met him in the first season Laine was making judges ask what he was saying because he had such a strong Louisiana Southern accent. At that point, he said he likes to just drive around in his truck and burn gas just like every other yee yee does. He also stated that he hunts gators, which is such a Louisiana thing. This season on his "about me" video, he really shows you how Louisiana he is having a large bayou in his backyard. Altogether, he's just a backwoods Southern kid who loves to hunt and fish and do country things.

And don't forget his life hacks on duct tape and super glue.

4. He Came Back Stronger

The biggest step up for this season over last is his confidence is increased. From his audition, if you could call it that up through every show he has shown confidence from his smile to his ability to be challenged. His voice this year also sounds improved which seems as if he's put in the time and effort to show what an "Idol"-winner should sound like. He also seems to know what he's truly doing on stage and even walking around stage and high-fiving the audience like a confident artist. He even in his audition heard from the judges he worked on and fixed a lot of his faults he had from the previous season and has come back stronger than ever.

5. He’s So Freakin Gorgeous 

Yes, I'm a guy and just said that. It's OK when a guy acknowledges another man is attractive like how girls do, we just don't do it as much. But I'll admit, he has a great smile and has a country boy charm about him. He even gets Katy Perry hot and bothered anytime he's on stage and makes her want to party with a Hardy. A major thing that can definitely help his chances in the industry is his looks — especially paired with that voice.

So let's tune into the finale to see if Laine Hardy can win because he definitely has what it takes and I look forward to hearing more of his music and his style. If he doesn't win this season, it's still not a total bust because making it to the final three he should definitely be able to find a record label still.

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I'm Begging You, If You're Going To Watch One TV Show, Please Watch 'One Tree Hill'

"What's more important? What we become or how we become it?" I'm not totally sure, but I attribute both to One Tree Hill.


Many people are shaped by something that happened to them. Perhaps they were shaped by their family, or the situation they grew up in. I can attest to many different situations and aspects of my life shaping me into the person I am today, however, I never thought I would say a TV show helped change my life and became part of what made me who I am today.

One Tree Hill, created by Mark Schwan, was a long-running series about two brothers who start out as rivals when the pauper-type brother joins the school's basketball team. Eventually, the brothers hash it out to become friends and this show follows them, and all of their friends, through their town of Tree Hill, North Carolina, while they endure heartbreak, loss, success, real-life problems, and ups & downs of all sorts.

A lot of people in the past have questioned my love for the show, saying my constant viewing and the fact that I have seen the lengthy nine-season show probably more than eleven times through is obsessive, however, I say it is therapeutic. Don't let the length of the series scare you, it is worth every minute.

At the end of season nine, which only has 13 episodes, you'll probably be sobbing that it's over and begging for more. The fact that the creative genius behind the scenes and the cast really created something special that made people want to watch for nine seasons is incredible. 2003-2012 was a magical time where One Tree Hill aired on TV and it was a time many of us wish we could get back.

I'm sure so many people would love to know why us "One Tree Hill" fans are just so connected to the show and the reason being is that the characters are the most relatable characters. They experience real-life events (with TV magic twists of course). One particular episode actually sticks out to me to this day.

Season four episode 13, "Pictures of You." This episode has the students come into class a few weeks shy of graduation when the teacher gives them an assignment: they can go anywhere they want throughout the school and take a picture of their partner (the teacher gave them digital cameras to use) that shows their true self. They had to pick their partners out of a classmate's hat and they all took incredible pictures of each other after a day of self reflection. Some of the pictures were definitely a little risqué for the modern high school, however, it gave us this iconic Brooke Davis moment that reminded us that "what's under the clothes" matters and that we shouldn't label people based on anything:

From this to school shooting awareness, conversations about losing a family member, strained/abusive familial relationships, narcotics and alcohol abuse, and having to grow up faster than a kid should, "One Tree Hill" hits all the marks on a relatable teen show. I fell in love with the show for this. I feel as if everyone should divulge into the greatness "One Tree Hill" has to offer because it is just so important to see the messages the series portrays. The show also has humor, action, romance, and so much more you just cannot ever get enough of. So, I highly recommend "One Tree Hill" as your next binge, rewatch, or just as your go-to, feel-good show.

"One Tree Hill" is no longer running on the CW Network and was taken off of Netflix (petition to put OTH back on Netflix anyone?), but thank goodness Hulu answered our prayers and added the spectacular series to their streaming service. I have to give my best friend, Meaghan, a shoutout for giving me her Hulu password the day "One Tree Hill" was added to Hulu.

So, if you've ever wanted to start "One Tree Hill," this is your sign. Get on Hulu, give it a go, and thank me later when you fall in love with Luke, Nathan, Brooke, Hayley, and Peyton.

And as always, Go Ravens!

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Lizzo Would Be Proud If You Used These 12 Lyrics From Her Songs As Instagram Captions

My DNA test was right.


Lizzo is the confident gal we all know and love. Man, if I could just get a bit of her confidence, I would be set. She recently just released her third album this past month (in April, to be exact): "Cuz I love You." The album is composed of eleven listening-worthy songs.

Personally, I love all of the songs. My favorites are "Juice" and "Truth Hurts." Although "Truth Hurts" isn't in her album, I will still post it, because why not? All in all, this article is going to explore twelve different lines, all gathered from all her songs you can use for your Instagram captions if you happen to run out of ideas.

Let's face it: does it not suck when you have no ideas for a caption when you are about to post a BOMB selfie? I'm sure we have all been there.

Aside from just posting lines from Lizzo's album, I suggest that you play this album as you are getting ready for your day, for an interview, for work, for a night out. Trust me, you will be pumped enough to tackle anything that comes your way. It is the perfect girl-power, feminist album that you can come across.

Although I could choose more than one line from each of the songs, I thought it would be best to pick some of the lines that I, myself, have thought to be perfect choices for a caption and that would fit the best to my selfies. If you happen to have more ideas while you listen to Lizzo or any other artist in general, use them!

Look no further: here are twelve captions you can use for your Instagram captions (even Facebook, too). Even better, try pulling a QPark in public and yell these out to random strangers. I'm sure they will appreciate it. Or maybe not so much. Up to you.

1. "Never been in love before. What the f*ck are f*cking feelings, yo?"--" 'Cuz I Love You"

Discover & share this Idk GIF with everyone you know. GIPHY is how you search, share, discover, and create GIFs.

2. "Sugar, spice, and I'm nice, show me what you're made of"--"Like A Girl"

3. "I was born like this, don't even gotta try"--"Juice"

4. "So I figured out I gotta be my own type"--"Soulmate"

5. "But love isn't easy, I'll do the hardest part"--"Jerome"

6. "I don't need to apologize, us big girls gotta cry"--"Crybaby"


7. "I'm a thick b*tch, I need tempo"--"Tempo"

8. "Don't hide no emotions, wear 'em on my sleeve all my feelings Gucci"--"Exactly How I Feel"

9. "You can be my lover 'cause love looks better in color"--"Better In Color"

10. "Everything reminds my heart of you"--"Heaven Help Me"

11. "Hair down, moon lit, look at my lipstick"--"Lingerie"

12. "I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm a 100% that b*tch"--"Truth Hurts"

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