The following are just ten of the thousands of the moments that make Jack Pearson the greatest dad, husband, friend, and person.

1. When him and Rebecca lost a baby, he stayed strong for Rebecca.

2. He is always trying to enforce a strong, united family

Big Three Chant

3. He literally risked his life and went into a burning house for his daughter's dog.

4. He upholds family traditions and traditions with his wife.

Like his birthday dance every year.

5. He is really protective of his kids.

Like when Kevin hurts his knee

6. He always knows what to do 

Like when Randall has anxiety moments and he tells him to breath with his hands on Randall's head

7. He knows how to talk to his daughter and make her feel confident 

Like when he told Kate he already thought she was a princess

8. He taught his kids to be shamelessly themselves 

Like when he talked to Randall about embracing his intelligence.

9. He would do anything to make his family happy

He dressed up on Thanksgiving to keep the family entertained.

10. Honestly, everything he does is just so cute and wonderful.